Acyclovir not Working – Don’t Worry; There Are Natural Herpes Cure Options

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natural herpes cure options

Is Acyclovir Really Working? Time to Follow Some Natural Herpes Cure Options

Herpes has become another word for embarrassment, shame and hopelessness over time. If you too are suffering from any type of herpes, you might relate to these emotions quite well. If you have been recently diagnosed with the infection, it is likely that you are worried and stressed, but if this virus has been within you for a long time now, apart from all other negative feelings, hopelessness is the most difficult to tackle. A newly diagnosed patient has some faith in the antiviral medicines given by his or her doctor, but with time, the myth that you will gain some benefit in herpes is boosted. The most commonly prescribed antiviral medicines namely Acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir which at first sight appear to be a gift of God gradually turn out to be allopathic medicines that come packed with a lot of side effects. So, if acyclovir is not working in your case, don’t panic, you aren’t alone and all the herpes patients are going through the same difficulty, except those who follow natural herpes cure options.

Yes, if you in the list of people who rely on antivirals like acyclovir, herpes outbreak is a never-ending problem. But, on the other side, people using the alternative, natural treatment options for herpes, have already got the solution.  This is the best alternative to acyclovir which is not a mere replacement for the most popular herpes control drug but has many benefits over the former. Now it looks like we have bought a smile on your face. Be patient and this smile is going to turn into a big celebration when we will tell you that there is not one or two but a dozen replacements or you can say healthy replacements to acyclovir. We will tell you about all in detail, but before that, you should understand what is acyclovir and how it actually works.


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So, have a closer look at what you and millions of other herpes patients were relying on for years can do for you and how you are feeling the acyclovir is not working for you. After this, we will tell you a couple of ways in which you can cure herpes naturally. Yes, nature has all those healing properties that antivirals cannot give till date, but you cannot use anything and everything that is natural for herpes, right? Here, we will tell you in detail about the natural herbs that are proven by scientists for their medicinal properties and that have been extensively studied by researchers for their effectiveness even in the chronic cases of herpes.

As far as acyclovir is concerned, this is the oldest drug discovered to help herpes patients and it does some good when you are struggling to get rid of the symptoms of herpes outbreaks, but when it comes to curing herpes, unfortunately, it cannot even reach close to the virus. Effectiveness is one issue. So, if you think acyclovir has stopped working in your case, there can be two reasons behind it. One is that you have started analyzing the effects and side effects of the medicine, and the second one is that your body has developed a resistance to antibiotics because you have taken so many medicines in the past. In both the cases, don’t feel sorry because it is the ineffectiveness that has taken you to a healthy way of curing herpes. All this while, you were doing disaster to your body because antiviral drugs have been inducing so many side effects in your body. Don’t believe! have a look at the long list of side effects of acyclovir and all other antiviral drugs available in the market.

Side-Effects of Acyclovir – It’s High Time to Accept the Natural Herpes Cure


Nausea: It makes the patients feel very uncomfortable to even eat or sleep sometimes. The symptoms of herpes will no doubt vanish, but this is itself is a big problem to deal with. Do you think acyclovir for herpes are beneficial at all after knowing you will get problem even in eating food?

Dizziness: It refers to a disorienting sensation such as faintness, lightheadedness, or unsteadiness. If you take the tablets more frequently, it increases the chances of this problem exponentially.

Drowsiness: Drowsiness makes the patient lethargic and he/she will continuously feel sleepy. May be this is also a part of treatment. Jokes apart, regular intake of the over the counter drugs will definitely have this side effect in your body.

Signs of kidney problem: Acyclovir and other over the counter medicines may also affect your kidney. You may experience changes in the amount of urine, and sometimes it is accompanied with pain also.

Unusual back/side pain: You may suffer from acute pain in the back or any side. This is due to the changes that have occurred in the kidney due to the antibiotic.

Mood swings and hallucinations: Anxiety, depressions are some of bad sides that every herpes patient goes through. Over the counter treatment instead of doing something to balance the patient emotionally, adds some more mental problems.  Agitation and confusion are the more specific type of mood swings you may suffer from while on medication. The patient may experience scenes involving the apparent perception of something not present. This is the most dreadful outcome of over the counter drugs.

prescribed medicines for herpes

This is not the complete list of possible side effects of acyclovir and all other antiviral treatments for herpes. Now you must have realized that it is high time you switch to nature for treating herpes. If you are still thinking of taking antivirals like acyclovir in future, have a look at the findings of a study on the possible side effects of acyclovir.  A 2008 study of 3,000,000 people divided the participants into groups that had taken no antibiotics for the past two years, those that had taken 2-5 prescriptions and those that had taken six or more prescriptions in the same time period.  Participants were tracked for six years afterward.  Those who had taken 2-5 antibiotic prescriptions had a 27% increase in cancers compared to those who took none.  Those who took six or more prescriptions had a 37% increase in cancers.  This must have shaken your faith in acyclovir, right?

Now it looks like it is good that acyclovir is not working, isn’t it? Let us now quickly see some healthy alternatives to acyclovir. These natural treatment options for herpes are totally free from any of the above-stated side effects and hence you can breath easy now.

Natural Herpes Cure Options – Cure Herpes Naturally

turmeric for herpes

Turmeric for herpes: Turmeric is a yellow colored herbal powder that is extracted from the roots of turmeric plant. In many Asian countries, this powder is used as a day to day spice in veggies and soups. Turmeric is a very famous herb and it has gained the reputation after the scientists discovered the role of the compound curcumin in curing cancer. Whether it is a chronic illness like cancer or a mild infection on your skin, or something as dreadful as herpes, curcumin can deal with all. And it took decades of hard work and more than 10,000 research papers to make us realize what our ancestors were pretty sure about. And out of these 10,000 studies, many indicated that it is more advantageous to use curcumin than any other prescription drug.

Turmeric powder is easily available and using it also is not difficult. People use turmeric directly on wounds as it accelerates the healing of the skin. The same can be done with the cold sores as well. Apart from helping us in getting rid of the cold sores, curcumin is useful to cure herpes internally as a tool to fight against the rapid replication of the virus as well.

holy basil for herpes

Holy basil and herpes: Holy basil, also known as tulsi is worshipped in many Asian countries and this probably is because of the unimaginably high medicinal properties that are present in the medicine. Thousands of studies have been published in leading research journals on the efficacy and safety of holy basil as a medicinal herb. The most compelling data, however, suggests that holy basil possesses its greatest potential in the areas of stress relief and relaxation. The herb is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory property has a great role to play in decreasing the pain and unease in the cold sores. Also, some recent studies have clearly indicated that holy basil also has some anti viral properties and since herpes is caused due to a viral infection, the chances of getting rid of herpes with holy basil are quite high.

Apple cider vinegar in herpes: Apple cider vinegar contains anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Why do we take antiviral medicines like acyclovir and valacyclovir? Because they are antiviral drugs and help in fighting with herpes simplex virus, right? Yes, this is true but actually, these antiviral drugs can only deal with the symptoms that are created by herpes simplex virus and not the virus. Apple cider vinegar on the other hand is a natural antiviral agent that helps in doing everything that these drugs cannot do and much more. You can expect fewer herpes outbreaks if you use apple cider vinegar for herpes and that too with no side effects as all. The topical treatment using apple cider vinegar is seen as a treatment procedure, while people use apple cider vinegar orally as a preventative measure.

peepal for herpes

Peepal in herpes: According to Science India- The national Science Magazine, peepal is an extremely beneficial tree. If you use the leaves of peepal tree, you will see improvement in your digestion as they are laxative in nature. Some people also use the leaves of peepal tree as a health tonic and specifically for addressing the problem of fever, dysentery, bruises and several types of wounds. Overall the leaves of the tree are good for stomach and heart diseases. On contrary to this, the bark of the huge tree is a solution to acute diarrhea. If you have oral herpes, you need the decoction of the bark of peepal tree. According to ancient ayurvedic texts and some recent researches, gargling with the lukewarm decoction of the barn can help inn healing cold sores fast.

These were a few herbs that can be used for the treatment of herpes. There are many others that can be used without worrying about the safety as all of them are not only highly effective, but are totally safe. In fact, you will gain your health back on using these natural treatments for herpes regularly. To name a few other herbs, babool, babchi, khair, mehendi, and triphala are some other herbs that are being used in ayurveda and research also has proven their benefits in herpes. So, you can try any of the herbal cures for herpes and you will not be disappointed.

doctor prescribing medicines

Doctors are very quick at prescribing antiviral drugs to herpes patients, after all, it’s what they’re trained to do and have been doing for centuries. If you tell them that acyclovir is not working, they will change it to valacyclovir, and the next will be famciclovir. But this will only change your prescription slip as all these drugs are actually based upon acyclovir only. The pharmaceutical companies are earning millions by launching drugs with minor variations in basic and the oldest antiviral medicine- acyclovir. So, if you haven’t yet fallen prey to pharmaceutical companies, try these natural alternatives to acyclovir first. It’s true; some prescription medications do a great job of eliminating the itching, burning, and unsightly rashes that come from a herpes outbreak. But they not only cost more than a few dollars regularly, but also come tightly coupled with bundle of probable side effects.

So, in no case you are going to get benefitted by acyclovir or any other variation of the medicine. Hence we can conclude a healthy future of a herpes patient lies in the hands of nature, and more that, in the patient. Yes, if you have the intention to cure herpes in any possible way, acyclovir not working may bring in a new ray of hope in your life. you can easily start a new chapter of your life with these natural treatments for herpes, but only when you are determined to do so.

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