Herpes Cure Research- How Far Have We Come?

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Herpes Cure Research – Have We Found the Ultimate Cure for Herpes?

You are here because you surely want something more promising, healthy and effective than antiviral drugs for herpes, right? Herpes is one of the most researched fields, but it is a harsh truth that no substantial outcomes are seen in the cure for this infection. Today, we will see where we are heading with herpes cure research and how far we have come with so many efforts. With the alarmingly increasing number of herpes patients, this has become a matter of concern, but is speeding up the research efforts required, or do we need to change the direction? What has been wrong with all the experiments, scientific efforts, and valuable discoveries that we cannot get a cure for herpes when we have the solution to almost all forms of cancer, which is one of the deadliest diseases of the time? Today we will try to see what recent research on herpes cure has given us, what we actually need and how far we have come in herpes cure research. Some unanswered questions about herpes will also be addressed.

herpes research

As you are here, you might have already caught the virus, and hence you must be aware of all the annoying symptoms of herpes. But do you know that the symptoms vary in intensity and frequency from person to person? Yes, the frequency of herpes outbreaks is never the same in two people with different body types, different immunity levels, and different dietary habits. In fact, you can say that the impact of herpes is always unique on every human body.

Some suffer from frequent herpes outbreaks, while others live their entire life without even realizing that they are carrying herpes simplex virus in their body. And there are thousands of variations lying between the two cases. This makes it complicated to understand the impact of herpes and trust me, it is just one of the confusion associated with herpes. In herpes cure research, the most challenging problem is to uncloak the virus which hides deep inside the human cells. It is believed that if we are able to separate it from the cells, we can treat it just like any other virus. Recent research on herpes cure is trying to work on this aspect too. But, rather than talking about the present, let us see from where we started and then we will see the trend in recent research on herpes. With this you would be able to clearly analyze how far we have come with herpes cure research.


Herpes Cure Research That Led to The Discovery Of Acyclovir

Although the origin of the herpes virus is unknown, we know it has been with us for centuries now. Some of the earliest pieces of evidence of the herpes virus infecting people can be found in the ancient Greek writings of Hippocrates. The word “herpes” is believed to come from Greek, and the meaning of which is “to creep”. This can be justified by the way the lesions move across an area of the human body showing an outbreak. Not only in Greek history, but in ancient Rome too, many occurrences of the infection can be found. In 1919, a man named Lowenstein confirmed that various strains of herpes are infectious viruses, and not attributed to insect bites or genetic conditions.

In some ancient form of the other, from that time onwards, research in the field of herpes has been active. The same research continued into the 20th century, determining the genetics and viral structure of herpes. It was during this time, after understanding the structure and nature of the virus, scientists finally arrived at a drug that could control the outbreaks. Medicines are an output of extensive research and are today the only trusted way of treating every minor and major health ailment.


In case of herpes cure research too, it was an achievement when the doctors could find a medicine for herpes. Acyclovir was the first outcome of herpes cure research and it is the oldest antiviral medicine available since 1982. Scientists were very happy when they reached acyclovir, the first antiviral drug that got an approval from the Food and Drugs Administration. At this time, all the herpes patients were singing the tune of acyclovir. Later on, other variants of acyclovir were discovered. Some of the topical antiviral creams were also introduced with development in the field of herpes medication.

What Acyclovir Was All About

Unfortunately, soon after the discovery of acyclovir and other such medications, it was realized that all these medications were only meant to temporarily mask the symptoms of the herpes outbreak. They could not reach the herpes simplex virus and had no mechanism of the killing virus. After this realization, another set of projects aimed at killing the herpes simplex virus were started, but it has been decades now and there is no output of those projects. We can understand that medicinal development in the field of viral infections has been very much slower than any other treatment. Herpes also is a viral infection and hence it was a challenge to find a medicine for the treatment of herpes too. Then the herpes cure research headed towards the discovery of a vaccine that could prevent or treat herpes.

 vaccine for herpes

Recent Research in Herpes Cure Towards Finding Vaccines For Herpes

And the result of herpes cure research in this field has given us Theravax. But, this also is viewed as another failed attempt to end the sufferings of human beings. There were a number of vaccines and drugs proposed in between, but theravax was a hope for millions of herpes patients because of the huge claims made by the doctors and scientists. But after it was tested, the results weren’t promising at all and this left herpes patient disappointed. It is sad, but eventually true that despite 100 years of herpes cure research, we still don’t have a vaccine for herpes simplex.

How Far Have We Come?

As you can see, not much has been changed and even the recent research in herpes is doing the same kind of work what we have been doing for almost a century now. The pharmaceutical companies advertise about the best their medicines can do but they forget to make people aware of the side effects that a herpes patient may suffer from. The doctors are busy prescribing acyclovir and all kinds of its variants because herpes cure research has not given them anything better than this. Ultimately, it is your body that is paying price by being exposed to drugs full of side effects every now and then. Antiviral medications are even more harmful to herpes patients because they have to stick to their chosen treatment method for the rest of their life. It is not a temporary event that will be over after a certain amount of time and you cannot expect the side effects to leave your body really soon.

side-effects of antivirals

The side effects of the most widely used treatment for herpes, the disappointment from herpes cure research in medicine and so many failed attempts to help herpes patients have directed the herpes cure research towards natural, safe and healthy ways of treating herpes. This area is yet to be explored and recent research in herpes is all about natural products and their effectiveness. Salt room therapy, ozone therapy and treatment methods like homeopathy and Ayurveda are on the list of herpes patients. The best part about all these is that whatever you choose, you are definitely going to stay away from the side effects of the antiviral drugs. Many scientists working in the field of herpes cure research from decades now believe that if there is a cure for herpes, it can only be found in ancient sciences like Ayurveda and natural products only.

Ayurveda is considered to be the safest healing method and it has the cure for possibly every disease that affects human beings. If you are aware of the immense power of ayurveda, it might not be surprising for you, but in case you haven’t even heard about it, you will need some time. But, after knowing everything about the science, you will also see a ray of hope in Ayurveda. Yes, it is an ancient science and it has been with us even before herpes arrived, but the cure for herpes is also well defined in Ayurveda. We are just one step away from finding the perfect cure for herpes and this step is a research and a few experiments with ayurvedic medicines. And the good news is that some scientists are already working on it. So, you might not have to wait for too long to say goodbye to herpes.


We can hence say that we started from the discovery of medicines for herpes, gradually, the research shifted to the failed attempts of finding a vaccine for herpes and today, herpes cure research is all about exploring an ancient field of treatment- Ayurveda. Instead of progressing forward, we have moved to methods of treatment that were proposed thousands of years ago. But, the kind of response chronically ill patients have received from Ayurveda, the holistic healing of the natural products and the amazingly safe method of treating all diseases sounds perfect for herpes. All this gives a hope to millions of herpes patients and recent research in herpes cure is definitely going to give results.

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