Herpes Will No More Be a Dread for You If You Use Mehendi for Herpes

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mehendi for herpes

Mehendi for Herpes – Have You Heard About this Earlier?

In India, a wide variety of herbs are used for several common purposes and the same herbs are now moving to the pharma industry because of the recent researches finding them highly beneficial for health. Mehendi also is one of them. It is not used in kitchen, but as a cosmetic product and hair dye. This is what you also know about mehendi if you have ever used the product, right? I know it might be surprising to believe at first sight, but many people are these days getting benefited from the use of mehendi for herpes. Yes, you have read it right. The same herb that is used to color hair and hands on auspicious occasions is now transforming lives of millions of people all around the world. We will today see everything related to herpes and the role of mehendi in treating herpes. If you too are a herpes patient, you must read this piece of information as this might prove to be life changing for you.

Herpes can be distinguished as oral herpes and genital herpes. Oral herpes is the case when herpes simplex virus 1 infects the area on and near your mouth. Oral herpes is considered to be less dangerous, but only by those people who are unaware of ocular herpes. Genital herpes is another form of herpes in which the symptoms of herpes appear around, on and near the genitals. The virus strand which is responsible for genital herpes in most of the cases is herpes simplex virus 2. We can use mehendi in both types of herpes- oral and genital herpes, but how and when? In a short while you will get every bit of detail you will need to use mehendi in herpes.


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Most of the Indians do not need a definition of herpes, but herpes is not confined to just one country and the herpes simplex virus doesn’t limit itself in any boundaries. There are increasing numbers of herpes patients in each and every corner of the world and the entire world needs cure like mehendi for herpes treatment. So, we will try to tell you what exactly mehendi is and how it is useful in herpes. Also, in case you like to use this natural healer to take away all your pain and sufferings, we will also elaborate how you can use mehendi in herpes. So, let us see what mehendi is and what all studies in past have indicated that this herb carry strong medicinal properties.

What is Mehendi?

Mehendi is known as Lawsonia inermis and Henna also is one of its common names. It is a shrub (small tree) that is cultivated in many regions as an ornamental and commercial dye crop. Henna or mehendi grows as a shrub with small, brown, capsule-like fruits, and each part of the plant can be used in different health problems. It is an herb which was traditionally used in Asian countries, but even today, mehendi is the most popular part of women’s cosmetic is Asian cultures especially in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan where it is used for dying hair and nail and decorating hands. With time it has not lost its value, in fact, many of its medicinal benefits are uncovered, making it more of a medicinal plant.


As a medicinal plant, mehendi has been used as a folk remedy because of the presence of astringent, hypotensive, sedative properties. It is used as natural treatment to headache, jaundice, and diseases like leprosy. The leaves of mehendi were also used for skin diseases, venereal diseases, smallpox, and spermatorrhea. On the other hand, roots of the herb were considered as a potent medicine for gonorrhea, herpes infection, sore eyes, as an abortifacient, and in the treatment of some nervous disorders. Yes, you have read it right? For decades it has been used as a cure for herpes and we are struggling to find a solution. Well, this too has different reasons, but right now, we will see what science has to say about mehendi in herpes and several other problems.

What Research Has Been Done on The Herb?

If you think mehendi is just a traditional herb, let me tell you that research on testing all the dimensions of the herb have been done and following are the examples of a few studies. All these studies will tell you about the herb from scientific perspective.

mehendi on herpes

  • “Biochemical study for the effect of henna (Lawsonia inermis) on Escherichia coli” published in Arabian Journal of Chemistry tested the role of mehendi or henna as an antibacterial agent. The results from this study confirmed the antibacterial activity of henna leaves and supported the traditional use of the plant in therapy of bacterial infections and disturbances that occurred at the biochemical level too.
  • “Antimicrobial Efficacy of Henna Extracts” published in oman medical journal tested the antibacterial effects of water, alcoholic and oily extracts of mehendi leaves or Lawsonia inermis leaves against bacterial cultures isolated from various skin diseases. These extracts were then investigated and compared with very common antibacterial allopathic drugs like Tetracycline, Ampicillin, Gentamicin and Ciprofloxacin antibiotics. The conclusion of this study too favored the use of mehendi in infection and alcoholic extracts showed prominent antibacterial effects against the isolated bacteria in vitro.
  • “Efficacy of Traditional Medicine Product Henna and Hydrocortisone on Diaper Dermatitis in Infants” published in Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal saw the impact of mehendi on diaper dermatitis- one of the most common issues faced by infants. It was tested on two separate groups and both groups showed an improvement in the severity of DD on the first, third and fifth days of application.
  • And if you think this isn’t of any use to you because you are here to search for the role of mehendi in herpes, studies like “Wound healing properties of henna leaves” published in Natural product radiance and Lawsonia inermis Linnaeus: A phyto-pharmacological review.” Published in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research have clearly stated that mehendi for herpes is very much effective.

henna or mehendi

All these studies have tested the natural product for safety as well as effectiveness and gladly none of them have reported any side effects of the natural product. There is hence no point supporting that mehendi for herpes cannot be used, right? So, let us see how mehendi in herpes is exactly.

How is Mehendi Useful in Herpes?

  • According to some recent researches, mehendi is found to have a strong immuno-modulatory effects. By making your body immune against the herpes simplex virus and all other types of invaders, mehendi can save you from frequent herpes outbreaks.
  • In case you already have been infected by herpes simplex virus and are presently struggling with the troubling symptoms of herpes outbreaks, you can use mehendi on cold sores. Mehendi cures herpes because of its natural astringent properties. These capabilities allow the cold sores to heal at a faster pace and you will also not have to deal with secondary infections if you choose mehendi for herpes.
  • Anti inflammatory impact of mehendi or henna needs no proof and this reduces the pain and inflammation your skin tissues undergo when attacked by cold sores. In short, you won’t suffer from itching, skin irritation and will also get rid of pain with the use of mehendi for herpes.
  • Mehendi in herpes treatment is recommended not only because of all the above stated benefits, but primarily because it has shown antiviral activities against many strands of virus. The antiviral drugs you are taking under the pretext of curing herpes have no ability to attack and kill the virus. But thankfully, we have mehendi for herpes treatment that can not only attack but can make it impossible for the herpes simplex virus to replicate. Once we control the replication, the virus becomes as disabled as dead. So, we can now say that mehendi cures herpes completely, can’ it?

mehendi and herpes

With all these benefits and of course an offer of side effect free treatment which is not expected out of allopathic medicines, one can be sure that mehendi in herpes is the right choice. Let us now see how one can utilize the power of the herbal cure to the fullest.

How to Use Mehendi in Herpes?

Almost every part of the plant carries some medicinal property, but which one will be the best for herpes patients? The root of mehendi is found to be beneficial in herpes. You can either use the extract of the root of mehendi plant on the cold sores or can simply apply Henna oil or mehendi oil on the cold sores. It is considered unsafe for oral consumption and hence you should keep it as a topical ointment only. But using it as a topical ointment is going to solve much of the problems.

Yes, you are definitely going to get better results with the use of mehendi in herpes. If you are fed up of the antiviral drugs and your skin is also irritated by repeated use of harsh chemicals present in almost all the topical ointments available, you must try mehendi for herpes. This is going to change your perception towards all the natural products as it is highly effective and over and above this, it is free from side effects.

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