How peepal helps to get rid of herpes

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Ficus Religiosa is the scientific name given to peepal tree. In this polluted world suffocated of lack of pure air, peepal tree is nothing less than a blessing. Yes, all the plants and trees are crucial because they carry out a process of photosynthesis in which they release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. This is what all the trees are supposed to do, right? But peepal tree can do a special form of photosynthesis which we call CAM. In this modified photosynthesis, the amount of oxygen released is very high, and the tree and can also perform the process of photosynthesis at night. So, peepal is surely significantly different than any other tree on this planet. It also carries a religious importance for hindus and has a prominent place in Hindu mythology, but it looks like it is even more crucial for the millions of herpes sufferers all across the world. Ficus religiosa is its scientific name, but there are many other religious names given to this tree. In Sanskrit language, it is known as ashwathat and plaksha. By whichever name you refer this magical tree, it indeed has a lot in store for humanity. Starting from contributing more oxygen to the polluted environment, to doing some extraordinary favors for human health, peepal tree can do more than you expect out of any tree or medicinal herb. We will today see how one can use peepal for herpes treatment.

There are many other aspects related to the use of peepal in herpes, and we will try to explore all the medicinal properties of the tree that make it a potential solution for herpes. With this we will try to analyze whether peepal cure herpes or not. Also, if you are thinking of using peepal for herpes, you must be aware of the safety profile and side effects. So, today we will try to see exactly what peepal can do in herpes and if at all it can do some magic, how we are supposed to utilize it. As far as peepal is concerned, all parts of the tree from leaves to bark to roots are used as medicinal ingredients and hold some healing capabilities. If you use the leaves of peepal tree, you will see improvement in your digestion as they are laxative in nature. Some people also use the leaves of peepal tree as a health tonic and specifically for addressing the problem of fever, dysentery, bruises and several types of wounds. Overall the leaves of the tree are good for stomach and heart diseases. On contrary to this, the bark of the huge tree is a solution to acute diarrhea.

These were some of the benefits of peepal tree according to an article published in Science India- The national Science Magazine. The fruits and seeds of peepal can be used as a treatment for asthma, infertility and some urinary troubles, while the roots are a potential solution to gout and gums diseases. These were some of the general benefits of using the various parts of peepal tree, and to avail these benefits, you must know how to use each part. But here we will talk about using peepal for herpes only. Herpes is not a chronic infection and it rarely becomes life threatening. But if you take the mental trouble that hits you with the herpes simplex virus into consideration, herpes indeed is one of the most annoying sexually transmitted infections. The physical discomfort and illness is not so strong, but the mental sickness associated with herpes is actually something very difficult to tackle with.

Herpes is the most common sexually transmitted disease among the US population and the rate with which the virus is managing to spread, in a few years itself it will probably reach everyone. Yes, everyone is at risk including you and me as well. It is thus important for all of us to know our opponent, its behavior, the extent up to which it can damage our self esteem and every detail associated with it. And it becomes even more crucial to figure out a holistic cure that one can use in future whenever one needs it. Today, millions of people are waiting for a permanent solution to herpes, but tomorrow, this number will be high and day after tomorrow, it will be even higher. So, to have a control on this number and to help the millions of herpes sufferers, we need something like peepal tree. Yes, peepal tree can do the following favors in herpes.


Herpes indeed is a complex infection not only because it affects us physically as well as mentally, but because of the variation in its symptoms. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. The symptoms, if at all they occur are not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals. This translucent nature of the virus makes it even more difficult to treat and easy to spread as the person carrying the virus himself may not be aware of the fact. But to this complex infection as well, nature has provided us with a solution. We have seen so many benefits of peepal tree, but can peepal cure herpes is still not clear.

By looking at the effectiveness and the medicinal profile of the plant, there is no scope of doubt. And to our beliefs, some researches and detailed study on the impact of this plant in herpes have given a green signal to the use of peepal in herpes. Many people in the Asian subcontinent have started using peepal for herpes treatment in different ways and you too can try it once. The anti bacterial properties, skin healing capabilities and wound healing abilities make peepal for herpes more than a perfect cure for herpes. You can get rid of the cold sores fast if you choose peepal for herpes treatment. And the best part is that while treating your cold sores, it will act in favor of your soft and tender skin.

If you choose the topical ointments made up of chemicals, you should not expect this as they treat your skin as badly as they treat the infected cells. They cannot distinguish between the normal healthy cells and infected ones. But peepal tree can and hence it is the only harmless solution to herpes cold sores provided by nature. If you now think you skin deserves something mild and effective like peepal for herpes treatment, see how you can use it.


If you have oral herpes, you need the decoction of the bark of peepal tree. According to ancient ayurvedic texts and some recent researches, gargling with the lukewarm decoction of the barn can help inn healing cold sores fast. And by using the bark of peepal for herpes sores inside your mouth, you are always at a safer end. The chemical ointments you usually use in case of oral herpes have side effects for your skin, but when it comes to applying them inside your mouth, there is always a risk of some portion of it going into your body. And this can lead to accumulation of chemicals into your body. So, by using the decoction of the bark of peepal for herpes sores, you are going to save yourself from all these problems. In fact, even if some amount enters into your body, it will be easily accepted by your body because it is natural and on absorption it will do some favor for your digestion etc.

In case you have cold sores at any other part of your body, you can simply apply the latex of peepal tree. The latex contains wound healing properties that will help in repairing of your skin fast. In addition to this, this herbal solution to cold sores will not allow any bacteria growth to take place on the skin affected by cold sores because of the antibacterial properties it has. And if you have used topical solutions frequently on your skin, there are chances that your skin would have turned slightly black. By using the latex of the tree, you can deal with this discoloration of your skin. On regular application of the latex, you will not only have fewer attacks of cold sores, but will also see the color of your skin changing. So, in both the ways you can use peepal for herpes cold sores.


Since peepal tree is natural and it has been used extensively since ages now, we don’t really have to worry about the safety profile of the tree. You can use any part of the tree and it will benefit you in some way or the other. If you want to use peepal for herpes treatment, we have specified two ways in the sections above , but if you want to use the parts of the tree for addressing some other problem, the part to be used and the method will differ. But one thing that remains unchanged about this magical tree is the side effect free nature of the tree. So, if you want a side effect free solution to herpes, it is nothing but peepal for herpes. By now you also must have realized how peepal cure herpes, and now you also know that it does so without introducing any undesirable ill effects into our bodies. This is where it differs a lot from all the antiviral treatments of herpes available on this planet. Yes, there are a lot of them and if you look carefully, there is a long list of side effects attached with each one of them.

Often a single prescription of herpes treatment may cost you more than $50. Not all of us can afford it and those who can afford cannot afford the side effects of the same. There are more than 100 million episodes of oral and genital herpes combined together annually. If we look at the average herpes treatment, you end up spending thousands of dollars every year just to mask up the symptoms of herpes and even more to prevent the symptoms from occurring. Health is no doubt valueless and we must not see money when it is about our health, but we are not buying health while buying medicines for herpes. Although it is impossible to change the side effects that herpes medications deliver, we can anytime change the way we treat herpes outbreaks. Yes, it is high time we start looking at our health and see some ways we can minimize the burden of herpes mediations on our bodies as well and peepal in herpes treatment is that potent solution.

After analyzing the medicinal properties and healing capabilities of the magical tree, we can say that peepal cure herpes sores quite well. In fact, it is a better solution for herpes cold sores than the topical ointments. So, instead of treating your skin with harsh chemicals and wasting your hard earned money on ineffective treatments, you can try peepal for herpes and cold sores. With a strong history of effectiveness in many chronic diseases, and recent research evidences showing the benefits of peepal in herpes, it is worth trying. Try it once and you will never need any other help for herpes cold sores.

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