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Herpes simplex virus has a reach from brain to all other body parts once it is allowed to enter inside. It can devastate you overall health, make you feel sick all the time by attacking your peace of mind and can destroy your confidence. All this looks dangerous, but what is even more painful are the cold sores. You might be familiar with the annoying cold sores that come out of nowhere and make your skin look ugly. Yes, they are small spots on the skin and the problems listed above seem to be more difficult tackle, right? No, cold sores are one of the characteristic symptoms of herpes and the most complicated to deal with. It is so because from the day you are diagnosed with herpes, your primary aim is not the treatment, but hiding the infection from the world. Despite so much of modernization and development in science, no one really wants to talk about herpes openly. May be because no one wants to listen to your problems or may be because you are not confident enough to tell the world. You live in a threat that people will make fun of your health problem behind the back, right? Well, this is really bad and it is high time we start taking herpes as just an infection, but, the truth is that it is going to take much time. And this delay in acceptance is making cold sores and herpes a threat to society.

And cold sores make it impossible to hide the infection from the society, right. Also, you can have fever due to many reasons, you can have fatigue due to overworking, but when it is a cold sore, it is clear that you have herpes. No matter how hard you try, the ugly sores are going to shout it out loud that you have it. This makes cold sores the worst symptoms of herpes, right? So, before talking big about curing herpes permanently, we should focus on how to get rid of this menace. Although there are many beauty products that claim to cure both the types of herpes, but they all are mere hiding tools and not cure. To get rid of these frequent cold sores you need to have a holistic method that can not only treat the cold sores externally, but can also heal the herpes patient emotionally. Let us see some of the natural products with which you can heal cold sores naturally, and after this we will talk about why we need to heal cold sores naturally when we have cosmetic products claiming that they can help in cold sores.

Milk for cold sores and herpes:  Milk is famous for its calcium content, but it has many other benefits for your health as well as skin. No doubt milk has immune boosting nutrients like Vitamin A, Zinc, Enzymes and also some extremely beneficial fats. Due to these, it has a direct impact on your immunity and once you boost up your immunity to a level where herpes becomes powerless and it cannot find a way to activate itself, you have blocked all the possible ways herpes can attack you. However, here we want the skin repairing abilities to act in favor of your skin, right? From acne to rashes to cold sores, applying milk on skin gives great results. So, you can easily trust it and say milk heal cold sores naturally.

Using milk is the easiest to cure cold sores and herpes too. Unlike other home remedies for herpes and cold sores, you don’t have to worry about the complexity of preparing any mixture, neither you have to bear some side effects. If you have milk at home, you can use that milk in cold sores. You can use milk on cold sores directly as a natural topical application and can also treat herpes outbreaks indirectly by consuming it.

Tea tree oil for cold sores: Tea tree oil is the best ever essential oil, be it the use to heal cold sores naturally, or treating any other skin ailment. It has all the medicinal and healing therapeutic properties which make it the perfect essential oil for cold sores. And its uses are not limited to the skin infections, but after diluting, tea tree oil is also taken orally to fight several internal infections. It is a very powerful antiseptic, and this helps in prevention of development of secondary infection in the cold sores and herpes outbreaks too.

You can simply apply tea tree oil on the skin affected by cold sores and your skin will be safe from any secondary infection. In addition to this, applying tea tree oil directly on skin can reduce the healing time of cold sores to a few days.

Lysine for cold sores and herpes outbreaks:  Lysine has suddenly gained popularity for its use in herpes outbreaks and cold sores. The internet also is flooded with the uses of lysine in cold sores and herpes, but does it heal cold sores naturally? There are approximately 300 different forms of amino acids in nature and out of which only 20 are of use to humans. Lysine also is one of those 20 healthy amino acids that have disease fighting capabilities. Many studies have recently indicated that lysine for cold sores treatment also has a prominent role in preventing the menace. If you use lysine for herpes, you will get fewer cold sores on your skin. Isn’t it amazing? To avail the benefits, you have to sense the appearance of cold sores at the very first stage and use lysine for cold sores.

Eating lysine from the natural sources is alright if you already have a strong and established immune system. You can simple eat more of lentils, soy milk, black beans and pumpkin seeds and they will heal cold sores naturally. But for cold sores patients, it is advised to take regular supplement of lysine because natural sources will not be enough to send effect on the cold sores. It is recommended to use supplement because herpes patients need more lysine for deactivation of herpes simplex virus and disappearance of cold sores and herpes outbreaks too.

Hydrogen peroxide on cold sores:  Chemically known as Dihydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic that we often use for cleansing wounds and cuts. There are many reasons for keeping this product in our kitchen as apart from skin care and wound healing, it is used for many other purposes. Using hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is a good idea but relatively new. Itching, secondary infection in the cold sores and the oozing fluid are the three very common problems associated with cold sores. They are common but very challenging. But the best things is that hydrogen peroxide can take care of everything related to cold sores, including these three.

You might have applied hydrogen peroxide on minor cuts without realizing the role of this liquid. Apart from cleaning and healing, the dead tissues accumulated at the site are also swiped out with the use of this amazing liquid. In some cases it is also observed that hydrogen peroxide can also stop bleeding of severely bleeding skin. So, use hydrogen peroxide with the help of a clean cotton swab to heal cold sores naturally.

As far as topical ointments are concerned, they contain chemicals too harsh for your skin. These topical ointments claiming to cure cold sores cannot differentiate between healthy cells and infected cells. So, it is going to literally kill even the healthy skin cells. In addition to this, if you have to deal with frequent herpes outbreaks and have cold sores quite often, you cannot rely much on these chemical ointments. Frequent application of topical ointments on the same place leads to gradual blackening of skin. And if we talk about sore on tongue then topical ointments and salves are of no use if a person has cold sores on the tongue. Therefore, the only choice you are left with is painkillers together with oral antiviral medication. But, antiviral drugs take a lot of time to get things cleared from your skin. And of course, they have a long list of side effects.

In case of cold sores, we need a faster action that repairs the skin without damaging the healthy skin cells. So, for all these reasons, we need natural cure for cold sores and herpes. And for all these reasons, one needs to go on to heal cold sores naturally. We have told you many ways to heal cold sores naturally and you can choose any one of them according to availability and suitability. But, in case you want a holistic cure we were talking about, you can simply choose herpoveda- a scientific fusion of herbs in an ayurvedic manner. It is a combination of a dozen of powerful herbs that illuminate every body part of yours with health. Of course it is going to act towards prevention of cold sores and herpes outbreaks. In fact, those who have used it are living a herpes free and healthy life. so, either you can go on with these simple natural solutions or choose herpoveda, both heal cold sores naturally.


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