Khair for Herpes – Heal The Nasty Outbreaks With The Goodness of Khair

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khair for herpes

Khair in Herpes – Use Khair to Deal With the Malady, Named Herpes

Khair or cutch tree is famous in India for its prominent role in healthcare. India is a country which is rich in not only traditional values, but also is a place where you will find so many plants of high medicinal value. These medicinal plants form the base of medicinal systems like ayurveda and many others. But it would be worth watching how this highly beneficial tree would react on exposure to herpes simplex virus. Have you ever heard about the role of khair in herpes treatment? It is in news among the herpes patients these days. Because of several research evidences confirming the role of khair in herpes cure and the reviews provided by the herpes patients who have used it in past, the tree has suddenly become the topic of the year. Not only among herpes patients, but this is the most talked about herbal tree in almost every corner of the world. Have you seen khair (cutch tree)?

Khair (cutch tree) is indigenous in India, other Asian countries, and East Africa. According to a study conducted by Chauhan and his fellow researchers, Acacia chundra has been used as an antimicrobial, anti‐inflammatory and antifungal, coagulant, vermifuge, anti diarrheal, and astringent, and has also been employed to heal wounds, treat obesity and diabetes, and maintain oral hygiene. Yes, for these many problems this tree is the one stop solution. Imagine how many antibiotics it can replace! These were only a few uses of khair or cutch tree and there are many more traditional benefits also which have now been proved by scientists as well. In recent years, numerous studies have examined various pharmacological properties of extracts prepared from heartwood, bark, leaves, seeds, and seed pods of Acacia species. Khair or cutch tree is among the most researched species because of the hope of finding an answer to herpes that scientists had in this tree.

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Acacia catechu or cutch tree extracts have also played a role in chemistry, with various names of chemicals as catechin, catechol, and catecholamine being derived from different parts of this tree. To sum it up, we can now see khair (cutch tree) and a scientific tree rather than a traditional solution to various health problems. But we are here to see the role of khair in herpes cure, right? Yes, we will definitely see what khair (cutch tree) can do for herpes patients because we understand what it is like to suffer from herpes. If I say yes- “khair cures herpes”,many of you must be thinking you are dreaming and in case I say “no- khair for herpes is not what you are looking for”, you must feel heartbroken. This is the dilemma all the herpes patients are living their lives with. There is no relation with truth, but only a game of emotions going on everywhere. Don’t worry, to end it up, we are going to tell you the exact and proven benefits of using khair for herpes.

Benefits of Using Khair in Herpes

Herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease infecting every 1 out of 5 adults in the United States at some point in their lives. And there are many cases which are either not reported or sometimes the patient himself or herself is unaware of the fact that he or she is infected with herpes. The virus that is the causative organism behind the herpes infection is called herpes simplex virus. Although it has many varieties, the two most common variants are herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. These two types are responsible for causing oral herpes and genital herpes respectively in the human body. In most of the cases, if you are suffering from cold sores on your mouth, lips and any other part of the face,it is likely that you are infected with herpes simplex type 1. On the other hand, genital herpes is marked by painful sores on the genitals. Oral as well as genital herpes both are extremely common and we need an immediate answer to both.

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The patients have suffered a lot and it is high time they get the relief that antiviral drugs have not been able to give. It is high time nature solves the biggest problem of the decade, and it is time millions of herpes patients stop suffering from this nasty condition. Khair in herpes seems to be a potential solution to the problem if we look at the health benefits and medicinal properties present in it. But here is the list of all the benefits any herpes patient would receive if he or she chooses this natural solution.

  • According to the reports published in Indian Journal on Physiol Pharmacol published in 2009, khair (cutch tree) has a direct influence on the immunity of humans. The study named as Immunomodulatory activity of Acacia catechu studied the effect of the herb on the immune system. And from the results, it was concluded that the aqueous extract of Acacia catechu has a significant effect on both cell mediated and humoral immunity. Immunity is the disease fighting mechanism of our own body. The stronger the immune system, the healthier the person would be. But, unfortunately, the antiviral drugs you have been taking all this while contribute to the suppression of your immune system and with a weakened immunity, the herpes simplex virus gets chances to replicate. Once it starts replicating, it marks the beginning of the herpes outbreak. Now you must have understood why your friend suffering from herpes has fewer outbreaks than you.

khair in herpes

There are several factors that determine the strength of immune system, but with the use of khair for herpes treatment, you can strengthen your immunity and hence would have to face fewer herpes outbreaks. It is not that khair (cutch tree) cures herpes by delaying the herpes outbreaks; instead it works to cure it from roots, but for that you need to make some significant changes in your lifestyle. We will talk about these changes in a short while, but before that, let us see what khair (cutch tree) has in store for you.

  • Apart from the immunity enhancing properties, khair for herpes also has magnificent wound healing properties. From the above results, it was concluded that the aqueous extract of Acacia catechu has a significant effect on both cell mediated and humoral immunity. With the antiviral capabilities present in the extract of the tree, you can easily get rid of the most annoying and painful symptom of herpes- cold sores. Itching, redness, fluid filled blisters are some of the problems every patient dealing with cold sores suffer from. There are topical ointments available in market but using it repeatedly keeps your skin health at risk. Because these ointments cannot distinguish between healthy cells and infected ones, it treats all equally. This sometimes makes your skin black and many other times the patient has to deal with acute itching. To avoid all this, you can use khair for herpes.

Now, these were some of the benefits of using khair (cutch tree) in herpes and if you feel that this tree has all what you need, here is how you can use it.

How to Use Khair in Herpes?

cutch tree

Every part of the tree has some medicinal value and hence you can get the dried bark, root, stem as well as leaves of the tree at any herbal store. You can also search for the product online and in case you want a perfectly holistic cure, you can also find khair (cutch tree) in ayurveda. The medicinal properties of this plant are so high that different parts of it are used in many ayurvedic medicines. But for using ayurvedic medicines, you will need to consult an ayurvedic doctor and there are many products in ayurveda which contain khair (cutch tree) and the doctor would tell you which one would be suitable for you.

For the time being, let us confine the use of khair for herpes in its natural form only. To enhance your immunity, you have to take the tea made up of the leaves of the tree orally. Internal administration of khair in herpes is safe as well as effective. You will have less frequent herpes outbreaks in future. To deal with the cold sores, you have to apply the extract of the tree on the cold sores with the help of a piece of cotton. Yes, by simply using the extract topically, you can get rid of the major skin problem caused by herpes simplex virus.

Now, you can say that khair (cutch tree) cures herpes because with the right amount of effort from your side, you can actually live a herpes free life. For this you need quite high immunity and to achieve a higher immunity you need to quit all the habits that affect your health negatively. Smoking and drinking alcohol are at the top of the list. By quitting smoking and drinking, you will have a fairly strong immune system. Second in the list is to live a stress free life. I know it is easy said than done, and when it is herpes, stress is always on your mind. By now all of us are aware of the treatment options available for herpes patients, but not many of us know about how to deal with the emotional aspects that literally kills a person suffering from herpes. The physical discomfort and illness is not so strong, but the mental sickness associated with herpes is actually something very difficult to tackle with.

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But you have to find out ways to minimize stress as stress is the biggest trigger for herpes outbreaks. If you know how to deal with the disease, how to live a normal life after being diagnosed with herpes, life can be much easier and happier, right? So, by doing these two changes in your life, and a major shift from antiviral drugs to natural khair (cutch tree) for herpes treatment, you will move from herpes treatment to herpes cure – a cure that will help you live a herpes free life.

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