Neem the most potent treatment for herpes

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Neem has been with humankind since ages now. This medicinal plant is estimated to be in use has extensively by mankind to treat various ailments even before the availability of written records which recorded the beginning of history. Since then and till date, there has been much advancement and many small and big discoveries in the medicinal fields but nothing has been found that can replace this magnificent plant. If you are aware of all the medicinal properties of neem, you can assess that it has everything to become a potential cure for herpes. In case you aren’t aware of the capabilities of neem in herpes and haven’t ever used this magical medicinal herb, you might need the following information the most.

Neem or Azadirachta Indica for herpesHere we will try to see everything about neem that contributes towards making this tree a cure for herpes. Herpes is just a sexually transmitted infection and if we know the right way to fight with it, it becomes easier to live a herpes free life. Yes, those who claim that there is no cure for herpes probably haven’t tried anything else that those antiviral drugs. We will talk about the antiviral drugs as well to give you a complete overview of what you were using all this while and what you actually need for a herpes free life. Herpes free life is a dream of every herpes patient and there are millions of them living in each corner of the world. What makes herpes a horrible nightmare is not its severity but its incurability. The day we have some answer to herpes will be the end of the fear and embarrassment associated with it. These two make herpes a dreadful infection with social stigma attached to it. In a short while, you will get to know whether Neem cures herpes or not? We will try to see whether neem can be that answer or not and if it is the answer, how can we use this herbal tree to save the lives and confidence of many.


Neem is an evergreen tree native to the Indian subcontinent and it has been in news for its medicinal properties for quite some time now. People used it because they were told by their forefathers about the effectiveness of various parts of the tree in different diseases. Various religious documents such as Bible and Quran also supported the herbs role in health care and prevention. But with advancement in technology and the need of scientific proofs, several researches were carried out in different part of the world. Some studied the medicinal properties of the tree while others focused on the safety of use and side effects. Analyzing all of them, we can easily draw conclusion that neem indeed has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal action. But whether it can treat herpes or not was still not clear.

According to a study published in evidence based complementary and alternative medicine, the plant carry many medicinal properties including immunomodulatory and anti inflammatory. Some earlier findings also proved the immunomodulator and anti-inflammatory effect of bark and leave extracts and antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities of oil seeds. Similarly, all the parts of the plant were used in different experiments and it was observed that almost all the parts have the potential to heal one disease or the other. Since we are concerned with the use of neem in herpes, it would be interesting to see the effects of this strong medicinal herb on this nasty herpes simplex virus. We will see the benefits of neem in herpes, but before that let us see what a recent study has to say about the use of neem for herpes treatment.

The bark of neem plant (Azardirachata indica) has been widely used as a traditional medicine for many centuries in tropical countries. Proving the same, a study conducted in 2010, some researchers studied the in vitro antiviral activity of neem against herpes simplex type 1 virus. And with this research we will soon get an answer to whether neem cures herpes or not. Herpes simplex type 1 virus usually is responsible for oral herpes. In this type of herpes, the cold sores and lesions appear right on your face. Some consider oral herpes to be less dangerous but they might not be aware of ocular herpes. In fact, it is seen that herpes simplex type 1 can also cause genital herpes in some cases. Well, whatever it is, there is a minor difference between herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. So, if neem can kill herpes simplex type one, it probably can also do the same with herpes simplex type two, and hence we can happily announce that neem cures herpes. According to this study, neem bark extract was seen to be safe as well as effective. There are many other studies which claim the same. But how it works is also crucial. Let us now seen all the benefits a herpes patient can get by using neem in herpes.


According to a study, the world health organization estimates that 80% of the population living in the developing countries relies exclusively on traditional medicine for their primary health care. And neem is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants. What makes it useful in herpes are the components of the leaves and bark of the tree.

The leaves of neem contain ingredients such as nimbin, nimbanene, 6-desacetylnimbinene, nimbandiol, nimbolide, ascorbic acid, n-hexacosanol and amino acid, 7-desacetyl-7-benzoylazadiradione, 7-desacetyl-7-benzoylgedunin, 17-hydroxyazadiradione, and nimbiol. These are some complex terms that you might not understand, but what is important for you is the presence of antibacterial and anti fungal properties in the leaves of neem. A few research evidences say that Quercetin and ß-sitosterol, polyphenolic flavonoids, present in neem fresh leaves are known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties. These anti bacterial and anti fungal properties help in reducing the chances of secondary infection in the open cold sores.

Apart from this, some other researches also have proven the anti viral activities of neem bark. And this is exactly what we need in case of herpes- a strong anti viral action that is harmless to humans. So, if you use neem in herpes, you are going to give a tough treat to herpes simplex virus, but at the same time, you are not exposing your body to a slow poison that is definitely going to create so many problems in your future health.

Neem also plays role as anti-inflammatory via regulation of proinflammatory enzyme activities including cyclooxygenase (COX), and lipoxygenase (LOX) enzyme. So, with all these medicinal properties, you are surely going win your fight against herpes simplex virus. Using neem for herpes till now seems to be wise choice, but there are several other aspects associated with the use of this medicinal plant. And if you are planning to treat herpes with this magnificent and strong antiviral agent, you should be clear about how to use it. So, let us see all the other information you might need if you are serious about the use of neem in herpes treatment.


There are many ways in which you can use neem in herpes. Let us see all the possible methods in which we can use neem for herpes.

  • You can use neem oil available in market. If you do not have access to fresh bark of neem tree or neem leaves, neem oil is the right option for you. As soon as you see cold sores appearing on your face or genitals, apply neem oil with a piece of cotton twice every day. Neem oil is concentrated oil made up of the bark of neem tree and hence you should use it carefully.
  • If you have a neem tree in your locality, you can simple make a paste of neem leaves by adding some water if needed. Apply this paste on cold sores to get rid of those ugly marks faster. If you have recurrent herpes outbreaks with high frequency, repeated cold sores can make your skin black over time. Adding to it are the topical ointments which are loaded with chemicals. They literally burn your skin. If you want to avoid all this, simply use a natural solution like neem. In the coming sections, you will see numerous benefits of using neem in herpes.


Since neem is natural, it is free from side effects. Unlike antiviral drugs and topical ointments, to is not loaded with harsh chemicals and hence you can expect a skin friendly action from every part of neem. People mostly use neem leaves, but you can also use neem oil and the extract prepared from the bark of the tree. There are no side effects, but there are some precautions which one must follow while using neem for herpes because it is very strong in action. First of all, while applying neem oil or the paste of neem on herpes cold sores, you have to be careful. It is seen that the cold sores migrate from one place to another while you apply something to treat it. To avoid it, do not use the same piece of cotton twice and wash your hands immediately after using anything to treat herpes.

Secondly, neem oil as well as the paste of neem leaves is both very strong in action. Hence you can expect some unpleasant burning sensation when you apply them on cold sores. But this burning sensation is going to subside soon and in long term, your skin is going to be benefited by the use of natural neem in place of harsh chemicals.

Neem has been widely used in Chinese, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and Unani medicines worldwide especially in Indian Subcontinent in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. And it can be clearly seen that neem in herpes too is a potential solution to all your problems. It is much better than the antiviral solutions present in the market today. Yes, because there is no scope of profit in neem, it is not advertised by any pharmaceutical company. But, as far as your health and skin is concerned, it is better you use neem for herpes.

It has been accepted that drugs based on allopathy are expensive and also exhibit toxic effect on normal tissues and on various biological activities. This has been proved again and again by thousands of experiments conducted in various parts of the world. It is high time we also start agreeing on it and explore a natural cure for herpes like neem. Neem is a potential cure for herpes because using neem in herpes not only saves you from the undesirable side effects of antiviral drugs, but it also is strong enough to be effective against herpes simplex virus. Hence, by analyzing what has been written in some holy books, what has been mentioned in some ayurvedic texts, what has been observed by herpes patients and also what is being proved in several research articles, we can conclude that neem for herpes is what every herpes patient urgently needs.

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