The Efficacy of Giloy in Herpes Cure

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giloy in herpes

Know the Effectiveness of Giloy in Herpes Cure

Giloy is known as Guduchi, Amruta, Giloya also and its scientific name is Tinospora cordifolia. It can be considered as a panacea for all health ailments and this herb was in news recently because of several studies claiming the effectiveness of it in diseases like cancer and diabetes. But can giloy cure herpes? Herpes is not a life threatening infection, but it indeed is becoming a major problem with rising number of patients of herpes every day. With the disease spreading at such an alarming rate, we still have no answer to herpes in allopathy. If you have been recently diagnosed with herpes, you might be surprised to read this statement, but gradually you will also understand that the antiviral drugs you have been taking all this while were only meant to mask the symptoms. Yes, under the pretext of curing herpes, you have been eating drugs that are full of side effects and the more you use them, the frequently you will need them.

This is the worst part associated with the use of antiviral drugs as a solution to herpes. Not only this solution is temporary, but these drugs suppress the immune system. And once your immune system is weak, you are likely to suffer from herpes outbreaks as well as other infections frequently. So, the cycle of herpes outbreaks and antiviral drugs is going to continue for the rest of the life if you choose allopathy for herpes. But if you are already fed up of the ineffective drugs or have already suffered from a lot of side effects of these medicines, you are at the right place. We will not tell you to leave herpes as it is, but we will talk about giloy for herpes treatment.


holistic herpes cure


If you have any doubt regarding the effectiveness of giloy in herpes, by the end of this article, you will yourself decide whether giloy cure herpes or not. Yes, giloy is a herb that has been used by us since ages for various healing purposes, but we will not ask to use it just because your forefathers trusted it. We will see all the scientific evidences proving the effectiveness of giloy in herpes. So, let us first start by knowing our tool for fighting with herpes and then we will see some proven benefits of using giloy in herpes. Following this will be a detailed discussion on how you can use giloy in herpes and what precautionary measures you should take.

Before Talking about Giloy for Herpes Let’s Talk about What is Giloy….

Giloy, what we scientifically call Tinospora cordifolia, is one of the medicinal herbs with high medicinal value. It is extremely common herb which is normally used as a common ingredient in various Folk, Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha system of medicines. In ayurvedic system of medicine , giloy has been cited as a herb which is magically beneficial for reproductive system, blood and fat. Although it has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from gout to jaundice to tuberculosis since ages, what we need today are scientific evidences, right? You will be astonished to hear that we have detailed studies and experiments proving the effectiveness and safety of giloy in various problems like acidity, chronic gastritis, constipation, duodenal ulcer, heartburn, peptic ulcer, mouth ulcer, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis, inflammation of gallbladder, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas or flatulence and bloating etc. The list is still not complete and we haven’t exhaustively done a literature survey, but just picked some of the common diseases and saw the reports.

giloy and herpes

A recent report by researchers “Review on Giloy: The Magic Herb” published in Inventi Rapid: Planta Activa, studied some of the medicinal properties of the herb. You will get all the medicinal abilities that have been proven by science and is widely accepted by users. There are many other such studies that verified different aspects of the herb and we are happy to declare that in all the studies no side effect was seen. So, it is high time we should know what giloy can do for herpes patients, right? Following is the complete list of benefits every herpes patient can receive by regular use of giloy.

Benefits of Giloy in Herpes

Giloy is loaded with medicinal properties and the following medicinal properties can be utilized by herpes patients as well.

Anti inflammatory effect of giloy: A study conducted by Siddalingappa C.M. and his fellow researchers showed that giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) showed significant increase in the reaction time (pain threshold) and it was because of the anti inflammatory agents present in the herb. Several other such studies indicate that giloy in herpes is the perfect choice because it can help reduce inflammation in various parts of your body. You can, hence, get relief in cold sores and all other symptoms of herpes.


Faster recovery from cold sores: Giloy for herpes treatment is recommended again and again because of its amazing wound healing abilities. Umesh Jain and some other researchers in a detailed study observed that the methanolic extract of giloy possessed significant wound healing promoting activity of Tinospora cordifolia. The same study also suggested that the methanolic extract of Tinospora cordifolia possesses better wound healing potency, which was evident by the increased rate of wound contraction. Hence, if you also want to get rid of cold sores fast, use giloy in herpes and see your skin healing faster.

Giloy acts on brain too: For herpes we need nothing less than a holistic cure which can not only tackle the physical symptoms of the infection, but can also help ease your mind. Giloy in herpes as well as in all other problems is regarded as one of the best psychotropic drugs in India. But there is a significant difference between this herbal method of calming down your mind and allopathic drugs. Giloy is highly effective for patients of depression and in case of herpes, every herpes patient has to see a tough time calming down his mind. They find it difficult to accept the fact that they have been infected with herpes and hence a battle starts in their mind. This battle leads to stress, anxiety and depression. All these are not addressed by doctor and allopathic drugs, but giloy is a potential holistic cure for herpes because it can reach your brain and calm down things.


Antipyretic properties of giloy: High fever is very common during the first herpes outbreak, but even during the subsequent herpes outbreaks, you may suffer from mild fever. Here too, you can seek help from giloy as giloy is one of the herbs that are famous for their abilities to lower down the body temperature and bring it back to normal. Giloy is used by many to treat high fever, and it can bring your body temperature back to normal naturally. So, if you feel feverish during herpes outbreaks, use giloy and fix this as well as all other problems.

Immunity enhancing impact of giloy: By now you might have realized that immunity has a big role to play in determining the frequency of herpes outbreaks. If you have a higher immunity, you will suffer from herpes outbreaks less, and in case you have a low immunity, herpes simplex virus is going to hit you again and again. Allopathic drugs apart from all other side effects also severely lower down the immunity of human body. On the other hand, giloy for herpes treatment has immune modulating properties. And it is not impossible to live a herpes free life by using giloy for herpes and bringing in some lifestyle changes.

How to Use Giloy For Herpes Treatment?

The powder or giloy is easily available online as well as offline. You just need 1 tablespoon of dried stem powder of giloy and a cup of water. Take approximately a cup of water and add a teaspoon of giloy powder to it. Let the solution boil until the volume is reduced to half. Once you have only half a cup of water left, drink it once it cools down. You can drink this solution once in a day and it will give you better results. The only precaution you have to follow is to use the extract before eight hours of preparation.

herpes and giloy

This was everything about using giloy for herpes treatment and now you are all set to gain benefits from a holistic cure that will not only act on the physical symptoms, but will also bring peace to your mind. Antibiotics are the main treatment for both, oral and genital herpes. They are main not because of their effectiveness, but because they are advertised so much that people all around the world think that it is the only medium for curing every type of health ailments. But for herpes, you surely need something different. Giloy in all aspects is the perfect cure for herpes. It differs from the conventional antiviral medicines in the working mechanism, long term benefits and also effectiveness. These reasons are more than enough for leaving the antiviral treatment behind and moving forward to herbal cures like giloy for herpes. In fact, these are the reasons that are leading to the re invention of the amazing herbs like giloy. So, giloy for herpes is the much needed answer to the entire nuisance created by herpes simplex virus.

Don’t bear the ugly and painful cold sores with fever and fatigue anymore because now you have giloy for herpes treatment – an end to all your worries and the beginning of a tough time for herpes simplex virus. Trust one of the best natural healers – giloy in herpes to get rid of all the trouble and it will never disappoint you.

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