Try Mahamanjisthadi Kwath for Herpes and Get Rid of the Malady

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mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath for Herpes  – Let’s Throw Herpes Out of Our Life

Mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes is a potential cure and you also might have heard the news that Mahamanjisthadi kwath cures herpes. But do you know exactly what it is? You might have been suffering from herpes for some time now; are you clear about what kind of cure is needed for herpes and what are you taking at present? Today, we will try to explore whether or not mahamanjisthadi kwath cures herpes and we will also throw light on what most of you are using at present and how far it is from a real and much needed cure for herpes. Considering the number of herpes patients all around the world and the rate at which the herpes simplex virus is spreading, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that every other person today needs a cure for herpes badly. Some are tired of the symptoms of the infection, while others are fed up of the side effects induced in their body by continuous use of antiviral drugs. This is what most of the people are using as a treatment for herpes outbreaks. I am pretty sure you also have tried it many times if you have herpes for a year or longer, right?


If you think these antiviral drugs are a cure for herpes and are relying on these medicines despite surprising revelations about the side effects, I am sorry but you have already done damage to your health. There are a few natural products that are close to being a perfect cure for herpes, but antiviral drugs are far away from curing herpes and they are only an instant way to play with the symptoms. So, we will not even comment on how far antiviral drugs are from curing herpes because all those who have used it by now would have realized their disadvantages over benefits.

Yes, if you are using some form of natural cure, you will surely have a stronger immune system and Mahamanjisthadi kwath will cure herpes with ease. Here you might have one question – “why only Mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes and not any other natural product?” Simply because Mahamanjisthadi kwath is made up of not one or two but many herbal ingredients; and because it has been proposed by Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient most science of healing that has solution to many mysteries that allopathic science cannot resolve even today. So, we will get the cure for herpes in the form of Mahamanjisthadi kwath, which is natural but has been verified by a scientific process. So, both effectiveness and safety are assured.

mahamanjisthadi kwath

After understanding why Mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes rather than any other product, you must also have an idea of what Mahamanjisthadi kwath exactly is. Yes, it is an ayurvedic formulation which is trusted by millions to cure many skin ailments and health issues, but because it is herpes, we should know from what it is made up of, right? For any other problem, we can simply trust the words, but herpes is a bit complicated and hence you should have a complete knowledge about the tool you are going to use. After knowing your tool, instead of searching the answer for whether Mahamanjisthadi kwath cure herpes or not, you will be able to judge the product.

Mahamanjisthadi kwath is a perfect blend of a dozen of herbal ingredients, but its healing properties are primarily governed by manjistha. Manjistha serving as a major ingredient gives all its healing abilities to make the wonderful medicine. Also commonly known as Manjeeth and many other names manjistha was once known as an efficient blood purifier and hence was extensively used against blood, skin and urinary diseases. And if you think manjistha is a traditional herb, let me tell you that it is being included in many drugs after revelations about the medicinal properties from studies that are being carried out in different corners of the world. In a detailed study “Manjistha Rubia Cordifolia- A helping herb in cure of acne” published in Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine, it was found that the aqueous extract of R. cordifolia showed anti- inflammatory effect in rats and we can expect the same in human  beings too. This study also claimed that the anti-inflammatory action present in manjistha is because of the presence of rubimallin. Well, without going into the chemical details, we will just focus on the medicinal properties of manjistha which are proven by science.

manjistha for herpes

Certain research papers have also proven that it possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti- androgenic effects., “Rubia Crodifolia- A Review On Pharmaconosy and Phytochemistry” was the title of the article published in International Journal on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. In the previously discussed research, the scientists focused on the aqueous extract while in this study focuses on exploring its root. It is found that the root of this plant can be used internally in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, internal and external hemorrhage, bronchitis, rheumatism, stones in the kidney and gall bladder, diuretic, dysentery etc. These were only a few studies to give you a fair idea of what actually manjistha is. Several other studies have been published trying to prove some or the other medicinal properties of the herb. “Rubia cordifolia Overview: A New Approach to Treat Cardiac Disorders” published in International Journal of Drug Development and Research is another one to name. But we will confine our discussion to the benefits of manjistha for skin and infections because this is what we need for herpes, right?

We have talked a lot about manjistha, but you will also receive the benefits of some other equally healthy and beneficial herbs if you choose mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes treatment. Indra jo, dantimool, tagar, haldi, daruhaldi, rasna, vaividang, ajwain, safed chandan, giloy, kutki, chitak mool, kalimirch, sonth, dalchini, ela, tejpatra, nagkesar are some of the herbal ingredients of mahamanjisthadi kwath apart from manjistha. Now, since we know that mahamanjisthadi kwath is made up of some well researched herbs, it would be a lot easier to trust the natural solution. To add to this, we will now discuss all the benefits of using mahamanjisthadi kwath in herpes.

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath in Herpes

blood purifying effect

  • Mahamanjisthadi kwath is known for its blood purifying effects. It cleanses the blood, cures inflammations and brings glow to skin. Only a few people use it for the prevention of infections and skin ailments, but it is excellent it. This makes it the perfect answer to cold sores. There is no need to remind what cold sores are because no herpes patient can afford to forget them. Even if you try to, the regular herpes outbreaks will not allow you to do so. Thankfully, you can not only treat, but can also prevent cold sores by using mahamanjisthadi kwath for herpes.
  • Apart from cold sores, acute to mild fever is also very common in herpes outbreaks. Your body temperature will be very high during the primary outbreak, but even in the subsequent outbreaks, you will suffer from fever of some level. Mahamanjishthadi kwath for herpes treatment is perfect because it not only takes care of your skin, but it also resolves the internal issues like fever.
  • mahamanjishthadi kwath in herpes is one of the best possible solutions because it is also very famous for promoting wound healing process and repairing the infected and damaged skin cells faster. So, even if cold sores appear on your skin, with the regular use of mahamanjishthadi kwath for herpes, you will have to bear it for a very short period of time. Also, it is sometimes seen that secondary infection develops in the open skin affected by cold sores. Sometimes it is because we do not maintain proper hygiene and many other times for no valid reason some micro organisms start replicating inside the fluid filled blisters. Mahamanjishthadi kwath can be a great help here too because it s good at inhibiting the growth of microorganisms on human skin.

mahamanjisthadi kwath and herpes

For all these reasons and benefits one should use mahamanjishthadi kwath for herpes. We totally understand that herpes is not an ordinary infection as it affects you mind and relationships. But the only suggestion we have for you is it minimize the use of antiviral drugs and switch to a holistic and natural treatment like mahamanjishthadi kwath in herpes. This wonder product is extremely helpful for those who are struggling to get rid of cold sores, fatigue, herpes outbreak and fever. Since it is made up of all natural products, you can expect a harmless cure for herpes which is not possible in case of antiviral drugs. Also, because it has a long list of herbal ingredients which are healthy as well as carry a high medicinal value, you would see some magnificent changes in your overall health. So, we now have more than sufficient reasons to choose mahamanjishthadi kwath for herpes over the ineffective and harmful antiviral drugs. We have given you all the necessary information and all the valid reasons, and now, we leave the decision up to you.

Those who are really concerned about their future health and are fed up of the antiviral treatments which are loaded with side effects, go for mahamanjishthadi kwath for herpes and notice the difference.

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