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triphala for herpes

Triphala for Herpes – Can this Herbal Option Take Away All Your Sufferings ?

Herpes needs no introduction as it has affected most of the population all across the globe. Yes, if you think you alone are cursed, you haven’t yet checked the stats correctly. Today, we will try to explore everything about triphala and herpes. About one you know very well, and about the former, you might not even have heard the name, right? But this is your assumption that you know herpes. There are more myths associated with herpes than true facts about the infection. Yes, it is difficult to understand the complex infection and adding to it is the incurability of herpes.  So, it is a complicated issue and hence we should be clear about exactly what it is and only then we will be able to understand how we can cure it. The word “tri” stands for three and “phala” is for fruits. So, triphala contains the goodness of three extremely beneficial medicinal fruits and herbs. But how can a few fruits cure something that doesn’t have a cure in allopathic medicines? In a short while, you will get answers to all your questions and will get to know a lot more about triphala and herpes.

If I say, “Triphala and herpes are enemies and you can cure herpes with triphala” – will this be enough for you believe the fact? No, especially in case of herpes, nothing can be trusted so easily right? But those who have ever used triphala or had an experience of natural healers might differ in their perception about triphala and herpes. Anyways, from the base of triphala to what science has to say about the relationship between triphala and herpes, we will today have a look at a potential cure for herpes to find out whether it cures herpes or not.


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For those who believe only on experiments and hesitate to use traditional natural solutions, scientists have something to say. “Therapeutic Uses of Triphala in Ayurvedic Medicine” was a report published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine that studied the traditional as well as scientifically proven uses of triphala. In this study it was found that triphala was not only good for stomach, but it was also seen that the formula was potentially effective for several clinical uses such as appetite stimulation and reduction of hyperacidity. The natural formulation was found to be loaded with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, antibacterial, antimutagenic, adaptogenic, hypoglycemic, antineoplastic, chemoprotective, and radioprotective properties. Yes, just one natural product can carry these much healing abilities. If you could not believe on what your forefathers told you, now you don’t have any reason to deny because all these are now scientifically proven facts. But what is this wonder product and how come it works like an elixir in more than a dozen of problems? Let us see what is triphala and herpes cure type we badly need.

What is Triphala?

triphala in herpes

Triphala is a mixture of amla, haritaki and Bibhitaki. Haven’t heard of the later two? Don’t worry as it isn’t going to affect the effectiveness of triphala for herpes. Apart from the medicinal properties of triphala for herpes listed above, this ayurvedic formula may also promote proper digestion and absorption of food, reduce serum cholesterol levels, improve circulation, relax bile ducts, prevent immunosenescence, maintain homeostasis of the endocrine system, and increase production of red blood cells. This is not all as the three fruits acting as the key ingredients of triphala carry high medicinal capabilities and the right consumption can heal any disease. Yes, triphala can be used in almost all the health ailment, but also in herpes? Yes, triphala for herpes is the best answer and it has the following benefits for herpes patients.

How is Triphala Beneficial in Herpes?

Both, Ayurveda as well as Western medicine has finally agreed that health and disease begin in the gut, and hence we can say that Triphala represents an elixir as it promotes efficient digestion, absorption, elimination, and rejuvenation. But, sometimes, solving the problem of digestion doesn’t help in problems and herpes is one such example. So, exactly what we can expect of using triphala in herpes? Actually triphala is seen as a digestion enhancer, but it is more than that. Have a look at different dimensions in which triphala for herpes is useful.

triphala and herpes

  • Roughly 3.7 billion people, which are 67% of the world’s population, are infected with type-1 herpes-simplex virus. Looking at the rate of transmission, this Herpes virus is expanding its reach globally by finding new victim every millisecond. But still hardly any one opens up about the status of being infected. And it is not the fault of the victim because the level of humiliation and rejection he or she has to go through makes them hide their medical condition. This causes mental pressure and excess of stress on the minds of herpes patients. Whether it is oral herpes or genital herpes, you get under the same level of pressure. Some try to handle it using different means while other reaches depression and have to seek separate treatment for it. But the best part about triphala is that it has a reach to the brain and acts as a natural antidepressant. Hence triphala for herpes is recommended for patients of herpes because it can do what no other antiviral care about- distressing your mind.
  • Triphala has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine as an antimicrobial agent and triphala for herpes also acts as an enemy to herpes virus. Herpes simplex virus is the cause of herpes infection and you need strong action to get rid of this microbe because of the unique hiding capability. But you don’t really have to worry as triphala is the best antimicrobial agent to fight with herpes simplex virus and all other microbes trying to create trouble. Yes, whatever micro organism is harmful for your body is the enemy for triphala. This is the major reason behind using triphala for herpes treatment. When nothing can kill a virus, triphala can do much damage to it.
  • Triphala in herpes is anti inflammatory agent that makes it a potential solution for the pain, itching and other skin issues in herpes. Chronic inflammation is deleterious and affects most of the major chronic health conditions and herpes also is not an exception. Triphala has shown promising response as an anti-inflammatory agent. In one study, Triphala performed better or equivalent when compared with standard drug treatment for a variety of biochemical measurements of inflammation. Both the types of herpes infections have some skin issues like cold sores and fluid filled blisters which sometimes results in swelling as well. To treat this, we recommend triphala for herpes patients as it is the only side effect free natural solution to all these symptoms of herpes.


Do you think anything else is left? No, this is exactly the type of herpes cure we need. Triphala and herpes are definitely enemies, and to cure herpes in a healthy way, you can simply trust this gift of nature. If you have used triphala for some or the other problem, you might not need any help, but if you have heard of it for the first time, you must know how triphala has to be used and how to grab all the benefits discussed above, right? So, let us see all the ways you can use triphala for herpes.

How to Use Triphala in Herpes?

Triphala in herpes can be used orally as well as topically. You can simply take about half a spoon of triphala powder with warm water to gain immunity against herpes outbreaks. Repeating the same every night in case of oral as well as genital herpes reduces the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Also, in addition to living a herpes free life, you are also going to gain other health benefits. As it has been stated earlier also, triphala is nothing less than an elixir and you will get a better health day after day with the use of triphala in herpes.

In addition to taking the powder orally, we can also use the magical combination on cold sores. Triphala powder can be made into paste by adding a pinch of the powder to a teaspoon of water. It is then applied over the cold sores and genital sores and kept on the skin for a few minutes to dry before washing it off. By using it in both the ways described above, the length as well as the frequency of the herpes outbreaks can be reduced significantly.

triphala juice

Isn’t it great? Yes, using triphala in herpes is totally different from using antiviral drugs. Starting from effectiveness to curing the problem without any side effects, everything about triphala in herpes works in favor of human beings. We aren’t asking you to stop treating herpes, but yes, we are requesting you to minimize the use of antiviral drugs. Leaving herpes untreated and leaving antivirals are two different things. You have to come out of the world full of antivirals and look beyond this less beneficial and more harmful science of treatment. Even if you are not that much addicted to medicines, you should know certain things clearly. Almost every other herpes sufferer has become a slave of antiviral medicines. The only thing he can think about once he or she gets a new outbreak is antiviral medicines. You also must have done this- rushing to the doctor, paying him dollars for prescribing medicines, the name of which you already have in your brains.

But from today onwards, you simply have to buy a pack of triphala and start consuming it. Whether you have herpes outbreaks at present or not, do not wait for the virus to become active and start treating your body with this healthy elixir and live a life that is absolutely free from herpes outbreaks.

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