Use Licorice Root for Herpes And Gain the Amazing Health Benefits

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Licorice Root For Herpes – Is It Really the Ultimate Cure for Herpes ?

Licorice root, also known as sweet root or mulethi is one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs. But can this commonly used medicinal herb give relief in something as complicated as herpes? Is it a part of wisdom to use licorice root for herpes cure? Licorice root is one of the most powerful herbs, but in front of it is a virus that is creating trouble in every corner of the world and conquering it seems impossible by any allopathic medicine. Despite so many research experiments being carried out in every corner of the world, the patient of herpes have just one option- buying harmful antiviral drugs to mask the symptoms of the problem. But this is for those who haven’t yet heard of nature curing everything that creates trouble for human beings. Licorice root or mulethi is one such herb which is trusted by many other healing sciences like Ayurveda and even ancient Chinese medication system. But, it would be more than just interesting to see the role of this herb in curing herpes. Today, we will try to see what science has to say about the role of licorice root in herpes.

If I simply tell you that you can cure herpes with licorice root, would you believe it? Some of the true believers in nature might trust on it and others might not. So, let us try to understand what herpes is and also what licorice root contains in it that makes it a potential cure for herpes.  Several scientific experiments are also worth discussing as they will help us reach trust licorice root better. Finally we will talk about all the benefits of using licorice root for herpes. After getting a detailed knowledge of everything related to licorice root and herpes, if you think it is worth trying, we will also tell you all the ways you can use this herb against herpes simplex virus. In a hope to give you a permanent solution to herpes, let us see what mulethi or licorice root can for us.





Licorice Root has been used since ages to deal with not only herpes but also to treat a variety of ailments, including coughs, sore throats, food poisoning, and liver and stomach disorders. The main reason behind the persistent use of licorice root over the centuries is its ability to enhance immunity. Licorice Root is a natural source of B vitamins and vitamin E. It also has minerals like phosphorous, calcium and iron. Micronutrients needed for the proper functioning of our body like magnesium, potassium, selenium, silicon and zinc are also present in this herb. In addition, it is a storehouse of many essential phytonutrients, including beta-carotene, thymol, phenol and quercetin. Some people use it as a nutritional supplement these days, and by looking at its constituents, we must say they are not doing anything wrong. In fact, mulethi or licorice root is an excellent replacement to the supplements available in the market simply because it contains everything in natural form.

If you have some time, and you value your health and body, you must work towards improving your immunity, whether you have a chronic illness or not. In both the situations immunity is something you should make strong enough. And to achieve the required disease fighting capability, you can seek help from nature rather than taking drugs. The drugs are not only highly expensive, but they also have side effects and lack the effectiveness needed to elevate the immunity. Although immunity plays an important role in keeping your body free from herpes outbreaks, it is not our primary concern right now. At this time, we would see how using Licorice Root for herpes helps the user.

What Makes Licorice Root For Herpes?

There are many benefits of using Licorice Root for herpes. It is a potential holistic cure for herpes because it not only deals with the physical symptoms of herpes but also address the mental issues that arise during and after the herpes outbreak. Let us see the impacts of Licorice Root on the minds of herpes patients and then we will see how you can live a herpes outbreak free life with mulethi or licorice root.


Licorice Root for herpes works by reducing stress: Several studies have indicated that the use of licorice root can keep their mind calm in stressful situations. And the entire life becomes a burden for the person who is infected with a virus that has no solution. The incurability of herpes adds an unbearable mental pressure on the person infected and broken relationship and fear of rejection from the society make things worse. On one hand, no doctor takes into account the stress, anxiety and fear that comes with the infection, on the other hand, these are greatest triggers for herpes outbreaks. Thankfully, mulethi (licorice root) can reach your brain and it can fix things harmlessly in your mind. We will tell you how to use Licorice Root for herpes outbreaks and conditions like depression in the coming sections, and right now it is important for you to understand that you no more have to bear the roller coaster ride of emotions as licorice root is a proven solution for this difficult phase.

Licorice root strengthens immunity: One of the most common reasons people use mulethi or licorice root is its action on the immune system of human body. A stronger immune system is more than just a key to a healthy life for any herpes patient. It is the only way one can live a life without any herpes outbreak in future. If you have a stronger immune system, even if the herpes simplex virus is inside your body, it cannot replicate and it is ineffective until it gets a chance to multiply. So, a strong immune system disables herpes simplex for the rest of your life and you no more have to worry about the reoccurring herpes outbreaks. But, achieving this only possible if you take some herbal help from natural herbs like licorice root in herpes and also bring some significant changes in your lifestyle. These lifestyle changes will be elaborated in a short while, but before that, let us see how mulethi (licorice root) is for herpes is also good for cold sores.


Mulethi (licorice root) is helpful in skin repair: One small study suggested that gargling with DGL dissolved in warm water 4 times per day helped reduce pain among people with canker sores. Several other studies indicate the role of licorice root in skin infections and wound healing. All this can easily be directed towards faster and holistic healing of cold sores too. Cold sores are nothing but the infection by herpes simplex virus on your skin. By using licorice root for herpes cold sores, you can not only get rid of those ugly spots fast, but can also save the healthy skin cells from getting damaged. The topical ointments you use treat all the skin cells as the same and repeated applications of the same can make your skin black over time. Comparing to all the topical solutions present in market, mulethi (licorice root) is best in all aspects.

By helping us in the two major problems created by herpes simplex virus, licorice root in herpes becomes the perfect treatment, but by helping us raise our immunity, it automatically becomes a cure for herpes. It is the key to a healthy and herpes outbreak free life. So, without wasting our time now, let us see how we can grab all these benefits.

How to Use Licorice Root for Herpes?

Finding mulethi (licorice root) was not easy a few decades ago, but today it is readily available in the market in different forms. You can also order licorice root online from different websites offering herbs and natural supplements. The sticks, dried root, powder, extract or capsules of mulethi (licorice root) are being sold by different brands.

licorice root for herpes

You can simply make a herbal tea by boiling small sticks of mulethi in two cups of water. Once the volume of water reduces to half, drink the tea after straining. Drinking this herbal tea twice everyday will take herpes as well as many other herbal problems away. You can also use the dried root or the powder of licorice to make the tea. And in case of powder, taking the powder with honey will also give you desired results, but the same is not the case with the capsules of licorice root. It is suggested to consult your doctor before using the capsules of this herb as a medical aid.

This was all about using licorice root in herpes and now you can go ahead with this herb. Be ready to notice some unimaginable changes in your life from the day you let this herbal solution enter into your life. It will work towards improving your health as well as living a herpes outbreak free life. Apart from this, there are some lifestyle changes that are expected from all those who want to get rid of herpes. If herpes is really making your life hell, you can do exactly the reverse of what the virus is doing by incorporating the following changes in your life.

  • Start eating healthy from today onwards. Have more and more of fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning and evening. Try to avoid junk food and food that contain preservatives. Also see what makes the symptoms of herpes worst for you and try to avoid eating them.
  • Quit smoking right now as smoking is the root cause of more than half of the health problems you are fighting from right now. The simple act of giving up smoking helps as much as any other treatment. In fact, it lets all the other treatments work in a better way.
  • Have plenty of rest during herpes outbreak and even after the outbreak is over, try to maintain a balance between work and your personal life. Physical as well as mental stress triggers herpes outbreaks and to prevent herpes outbreaks in future, you have to avoid both of these.
  • Indulge in some physical activities, whether it is exercise or a daily walk in the park near your house, try to breathe in fresh air and move your body parts. Today, we have jobs that demand us to sit on a chair and operate and this is a big threat for our body. you can compensate for this by making a regular routine giving some time to outdoor physical activities.

herpes free life

And once you live a life with all these healthy habits using licorice root for herpes, living a life which is free from all complications is really possible. So, you can sure herpes with mulethi (licorice root), that too without compromising with your long term health.

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