Why Natural Treatment Is the only option

We humans have tremendously explored the possibilities of science in the last couple of centuries. As a result, many vital discoveries have been made and a remarkable change has occurred in terms of how we lived on this planet.  As of result of these progresses and advancement, we feel really powerful now. But in all these events and transitions we have forgotten and neglected something. Something that is much more powerful that what we would be able to achieve ever. Something that is not really expensive but really effective. Folks, I am taking about nature.

Health is the supremely important element for a good life. Nothing makes sense when your health is not good. But we only realize its importance when things go out of control. Reason why healthy quality has deteriorated is that we have got deviated from nature. Aligning ourselves with nature is the only possible way of curing ourselves of all the ailments and health problems. Nature has the purity, the effectiveness and the quality that our body and mind needs to be 100% healthy and sound. This is something we have realized in our journey towards getting a holistic cure for herpes.

herpes cureHerpes – not just a disease, but a perfect physical, mental as well as social torture. Apart from just giving the nasty blisters, it gives us lots of mental stress and stigma. Stigma of being recognized in the society as a herpes sufferer! This happens because even after being so much educated and modernized, the people around don’t accept herpes as a topic that should be talked about. This social stigma forces the sufferer to take a break from work and get locked behind the doors. Then, internet and doctor’s visits remain the only companions.

What both of these do to the sufferer is to exhaust his mind mentioning that herpes is incurable and giving plenty of antivirals to keep the condition under control. These common antivirals can be either of acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir or any other associated pill or ointment. These antivirals do nothing apart from just suppressing the blisters and giving the instant but temporary relief. In return, these medicines give numerous chronic or mild side-effects that result in kidney failure, hair loss, liver or heart disorders etc. Every sufferer has been consuming lots of pills every day for months and years till date to keep a control on the herpes blisters. There was of course, a wish in every heart to get rid of herpes holistically, but, the word “incurable” had raised the clouds of hopelessness in every mind.

We could feel how much painful and grievance condition herpes, along with the side-effects of antibiotics, can be for a sufferer. This raised a desire in our mind to search for something that could help people get rid of herpes forever. We started the search to get something that could not only cure herpes from roots, but also give both physical and mental strength to the sufferer. We made numerous tours in the search of that holistic cure. We, along with our extreme desire, travelled from plains to mountains, countries to countries and regions to regions.

The whole quest and research took a complete time of eight years. The first few years of the research were full of back to back negative results and disappointments. Just like a long term herpes sufferer, we too had started losing our patience. But, we made steps forward. We didn’t allow the hopelessness to suppress or defeat our courage and our drive and thirst to get a perfect holistic cure for herpes. To know about our whole journey, you can read our “Our Journey Page”.

After years of restless struggles and wandering, we got to know about something that seemed to be a ray of hope for our research as well as the herpes sufferers. This was something that had been among us since years and centuries and even ages, but we didn’t know about. This was nature’s element. By, the word nature, something like “Go Natural” might have clicked in your mind. Well yes, this is the buzzword of now-a-days. The natural products are being appreciated by everyone today whether it is for the regular diet or for the medicinal purpose. There are scopes where it is showing better results than the modern medical science and this is the reasons why more and more people are preferring nature and its elements over the pills and tablets.

This nature has been with us since the very first day of earth, but, unfortunately, we didn’t understand its value. It has been treating the people and helping them live healthy and long life since the pre-historic times, but all thanks to the modern medical science and pharmaceutical companies that always made quite successful attempts to make us unaware of such a brilliant and surprising face of nature. Well, one more thing was really surprising that we got to know during our research period and it was that there is a complete medical science that has been completely derived from nature and its elements. It’s not a new medical science; instead it is the oldest one and every other medical science has got its origin only after the study of this one. This medical science is “Ayurveda” that had been once considered pseudo medical science by the modern medical science. But, this oldest medical science showed the promising results and permanent cure for the chronic diseases that had been considered incurable by our modern medical sciences and pharmaceuticals.

We got to know about Ayurveda with the news of a research held in Germany regarding Ayurveda and our eyes got wide open over it. We could see that a ray of hope is still there. We could see that everything is not over and we could still move forward. We rushed to know more about it and got to know that its roots and origin are in India. We didn’t even think twice. We had got something which was really new to us and it had to be understood and experimented. We rushed to India and without wasting even a single moment started learning things from the Ayurveda practitioners. Just a few days of working with Ayurveda and the ray of hope was getting broader. Yes, we had started getting some positive responses.

We started our journey with Ayurveda by collecting all the references related to STDs. And after that, we moved forward step by step, hence, at last shortlisting 30 herbs that showed good potential as a warrior against the herpes virus. Now, after doing the modern researches on each individual herb and on getting satisfactory responses, we did the experiment of the combination made up of these 35+ herbs on 300 random herpes patients. It was really surprising, yet very amazing to see that 283 out of those 300 patients got rid of herpes permanently.

After long painstaking years of the search for holistic herpes cure, our pursuit finally ended in India. Let me tell you now about this natural, best ever and permanent treatment program.

We have created this treatment method by using the natural (raw) roots, tree barks, leaves, plants etc. and no processing or chemicals involvement has been made in the whole process. This method has been kept purely natural and organic along with the fresh herbs to give the best to people. This treatment method not only aims to help you get rid of herpes and its nasty outbreaks, but to fulfill certain requirements.

  • It enhances your immunity, hence, making your body strong enough to fight against all the infections.
  • The herbs possess certain anti-oxidant properties that work to detoxify your whole body, hence, keeping the free radicles and toxic elements at a bay.
  • This treatment method aims to protect you from the hazardous side-effects of the antivirals that you were consuming till date.

We believe that this treatment method is going to bring the smiles back to the faces of all the herpes patients because it, unlike the antivirals, works to solve the herpes problem from roots, hence, leaving no way for the herpes virus to reactivate or reproduce in your body. As we have got the solution for herpes in the hands of Ayurveda, in tribute to Ayurveda, we have given it a name “Herpoveda”.  Let us explain you the major constituents of Herpoveda now.

Neem or Azadirachta Indica


Neem is considered beneficial for dealing with the infectious health issues say it viral, bacterial or any other microbial infection. And when it comes to the skin infections like eczema, psoriasis, acne etc., neem can perform incredibly. If we talk about India, it is a common and popularly known tree there. There are many other researches apart from ours as well that claim that neem can do good for the herpes patients as well.  Although, all the parts like leaves, bark and fruits are beneficial for us by one or the other way, but when the discussion is for herpes, the barks of neem tree are considered helpful.

Neem shows magnificent effects on the blisters, sores and outbreaks. The best part about Neem is that it can be used both orally as well as topically. It not only prevents the multiplication of the virus and makes it dormant, but protects the non-herpetic people from getting impacted by the virus also. It is the qualities of Neem that influenced us to consider neem as one of the major ingredients in Herpoveda.

Peepal or Ficus Religiosa

Peepal for herpes cure

We counted Peepal or Ficus R. as the second in the list of the major as well as vital ingredients for herpes cure program. There are many reasons behind the same. Peepal possesses certain beneficial properties like anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory etc. that make it a perfect option to deal with the numerous kinds of infections.

We got many references related to the use of Peepal in Ayurveda too. Moreover, in the latest research conducted by the biologists and the medical professionals, the Peepal bark extract has shown strong herpes inhibiting effects as well. There were herpetic people whose body had even become resistant to Acyclovir, but Peepal bark worked on them too. Peepal deals with the herpes virus very efficiently just the same way it does to the other infectious viruses, hence, leaving no way for it to impact you anymore.

Hypericum Mysorense

Hypericum Mysorense

This is the herb that is available only in the Nilgiri hills in India and we have got it from right there. In our numerous researches, studies and experiments, this herb has shown mind-blowing results against herpes virus. Hypericum Mysorense, in a certain research, has shown 100% successful herpes inhibition. It is the healing as well as anti-viral properties of Hypericum Mysorense that attracted our eyes towards this brilliant herb. Moreover, the strong immunity boosting properties of Hypericum Mysorense encouraged us to include it in the main ingredients of Herpoveda and I must say that without this amazing herb, the herpes cure program would never be that much successful. After this, it’s time to talk about the next herb of Herpoveda program.

Tulsi or Holy Basil

Tulsi or holy basil is one of the most popular herbs in India. The people out there in India use this herb for the ritual, spiritual and medicinal purposes. Ayurveda has considered this herb as one of the most potent herbs that possess almost all the beneficial properties and goodness. Tulsi has already been used for centuries for dealing with numerous infectious diseases including both mild and chronic and curing them efficiently. The major properties of tulsi like the antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial make it a potent option against the STDs like herpes. Our researches over herpes concluded that Tulsi possesses the strong antiviral effects that can enhance the early as well as permanent herpes virus inhibition.

Tulsi doesn’t stop working for us just here; instead it enhances the detoxification of the body too, hence, kicking all the toxic elements out of the body. Apart from all these actions, Tulsi works to control the physical stress we face as well that may occur due to physical exertion, ischemia and physical restraint. These are the reasons we included Tulsi in the list of top Herpoveda ingredients.

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

Mahamanjisthadi Qwath- dry

Mahamanjishthadi Kwath is neither any individual herb nor any medicinal plant nor is it any mineral. It is basically an ayurvedic formulation that has been prepared by utilizing the goodness of more than 20 herbs. This classical formulation gives this medicine strong detoxifying and blood-purifying properties. This ayurvedic medicine has been used since thousands of years for dealing with and destroying the various infectious diseases like skin diseases that include herpes, syphilis etc. The prime objective of this amazing ayurvedic composition is to fight against the infection and detoxify the body throwing the toxic and harmful elements out of our body. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath is one of the best works of Ayurveda as it performs in an exceptionally brilliant way to fight off and destroy the infections.

This formulation not only works to fight off the herpes infection, but it enhances the immune system of the sufferer also along with keeping all the toxins and free radicals out of his body. It was the response it showed while experimenting this composition against herpes that insisted us to include it in our herpes cure program.


Triphala is one of the most famous and mostly used compositions in the field of Ayurveda. It possesses the three exceptionally beneficial fruits which are –

  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry or Phyllanthus Emblica
  • Harad or Haritaki or Terminalia Chebula
  • Baheda or Vibhitaki or Terminalia Bellirica

Each of these ingredients of Triphala possesses certain unique and powerful properties. All these ingredients, when used together, make Triphala a powerful combination that has already been used since the pre-historic times. People generally use Triphala as a digestive aid, but the health benefits of Triphala are not limited to being a digestive aid only. Triphala can be a helping hand for solving almost all the health issues that we face. During the research, we found triphala performing as a great anti-viral agent against the herpes virus. But, above all, it has gained our attention by being a wonderful immunomodulatory agent. Triphala has the potent of performing in many diverse scopes. Hence, its versatility made us adopt it too in the category of the main ingredients for the herpes cure program.

Babool or Vachellia Nilotica


Babool is a common thorny plant used in Ayurveda and the other medicinal sciences to solve the different types of STD infections. In a study held in 2017, it was concluded that Babool can show the brilliant substantial action against the viruses like HIV, HPV and HSV. All these viruses are responsible for causing the chronic and deadly diseases and getting something to deal with them is a huge achievement in itself. In case of herpes, the best part is that Babool can help even those herpetic people treat herpes who have become acyclovir resistant. We did experiments with Babool on both HSV -1 & HSV – 2 and concluded that Babool can effectively fight both of them off, but, in case of HSV – 2, nothing can be better than Babool. The part of babool that can is used for fighting against these infections is the bark of it and we are, hence, using the same in our Herpoveda program.

Licorice Roots

Licorice root is, of course, not a new name in the field of Ayurveda and even against herpes. There have already been many studies and researches done over licorice root against herpes and everytime it has shown the promising effects. Researches have concluded that apart from the anti-viral propery, licorice root carries its own anti-herpetic actions. In hindi, licorice roots are known as “mulethi” and it is used excessively in the ayurvedic medicines. Apart from showing the effective response against herpes, it works to enhance our immune system as well hence giving no way to the virus to reproduce and multiply. The 20 triterpenoids and nearby 300 flavonoids are enough to prove the efficacy of Licorice root against herpes virus. Although, it is self-sufficient against herpes, combining it with the other powerful and effective herbs will ensure early and permanent solution for herpes. And this is the reason we have included licorice in the major ingredients in our program against herpes.

Khair or Acacia Catechu

Khair or Acacia/Black Catechu or cutch tree – these are the names of this brilliant herb. It is said about this herb that “there is no genital herpes report by the people who take acacia catechu”. This statement is more than enough to prove its potency against the herpes virus. It is the unique medicinal qualities that give it a significant place in the field of Ayurveda. Khair is considered very beneficial for dealing with the various kinds of skin problems, STDs and digestive disorders. It is a great detoxifier that purifies the blood and keeps our body free from the toxins. Apart from helping you get rid of herpes, khair prevents the further entry of the herpes virus in your body, hence, proving above mentioned statement true. This is the reason we have included khair in the list of the major ingredients of herpes cure program because it can be helpful for you in keeping the herpes virus at a bay forever.

Mehendi or Lawsonia Inermis

Lawsonia Inermis

Mehendi has got a significant place in the market, but not as a medicine. Yes, Mehendi is popular in the cosmetic market and is used as a beautifying agent. Both the paste and powder made up of the mehendi leaves can be easily seen in market. But, there are only a few people who are familiar with the medicinal properties of Mehendi. Let me tell you that mehendi possesses strong astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-herpetic and anti-STD properties. And it provides the cooling effects on the skin when applied. The roots, leaves and flowers of Mehendi are very beneficial for treating herpes, blisters and legions. One can use Mehendi both topically as well as orally. It is the beneficial properties and the cooling action of Mehendi that made us incorporate Mehendi in the Herpoveda program.

Giloy or Tinospora Cordifolia

Tinospora Cordifolia

Giloy is the last ingredient in the whole list of the major ingredients of the Herpoveda program. In the language of Ayurveda, giloy is said “Amrita”. It is claimed that giloy possesses certain properties and effects that make it different from other herbs and minerals. This herb has the potent of treating almost all the health issues occurring in our body simultaneously. Giloy contains a special quality that can increase the level of something lacking in your body and can decrease the level of something that is available in the body in more than the required level. This gives it a significant place in the field of Ayurveda and makes it an incredible ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines. According to Ayurveda, giloy is also of various types, but the one growing on the neem tree is the best out of all.

The powerful properties of Giloy help it reach the herpes virus that hides itself inside the cells and makes it dormant permanently. Moreover, giloy enhances our immune system and assists the hormones get back to their normal level and functioning.

After having a look on the major ingredients of Herpoveda, you might have got the idea about why Herpoveda is so effective, potent and powerful. In the whole program, we have incorporated more than 35 herbs. This combination of really powerful and the incredible ingredients make Herpoveda completely eligible to be considered as the best herpes cure ever. This is because Herpoveda is the only program that can deal with, fight off and ultimately destroy the herpes virus.

So, finally our years of strive and quest came to an end with Herpoveda. As mentioned earlier, this herpes cure program doesn’t only kick the virus out of your body permanently, but it performs certain other functions also which include:

  • Enhancing your immune system, hence making it capable of fighting off the infections
  • Detoxifying each and every cell and tissue of the body and keeping all the toxins and other harmful elements at a bay
  • Helping the body get rid of the ill-effects of the antivirals and drugs that the herpetic people had been taking for months and even years
  • Improving your overall health, both mentally and physically and assisting you live a normal life again

We had not even imagined that our painstaking struggle would end after arriving India and getting familiar with Ayurveda. We were, till date, living in dark and it was Ayurveda that lit our eyes. This oldest medical science has given a lot to the world and is still giving, but we were till date unaware of the brilliancy of Ayurveda. And see, Ayurveda has given the ultimate holistic cure for herpes too.

Being natural and purely derived from the herbs, it is perfectly safe and effective. Moreover, for every order, we provide the fresh herbs so that the herpes sufferer can gain the optimum benefit out of the program.

You, now, don’t need to get tortured with the ill-effects of antivirals and drugs because the ultimate herpes cure is here for you now. Herpoveda is a complete 3 months program that costs you 182$ only. In other words, it goes 2$/day. This program, just in the duration of 3 months, will assist you get rid of everything that herpes and antivirals have done to you. Apart from all these, even if you feel that Herpoveda has done no good to you, you can get the product cost refunded by sending us an email request. Yes, we do have the 100 days refund policy for you.

So, you can feel glad because now every pain that you were forced to face for months and years is going to end. But, Herpoveda can help you only if you are ready to make an effort. Well yes, the medicine is not for the lazy people; it demands some efforts from you side too. Yeah, we can assure that by the effectiveness of Herpoveda and efforts of yours, herpes will end real soon just like a nightmare. For assistance, you can talk to our doctors as well by sending us an email.

So by now, congratulations in advance for a herpes-free life!!!!