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Hopelessness is a disturbing place to be in. It is a condition nobody wants to be in, yet some of us find ourselves stuck in hopelessness. This often happens when we come face to face with problems that are too terrible and inexorable to deal with.

Herpes is one such terrible challenge to deal with. People suffering from herpes have to undergo not only physical and mental difficulties but also social suffering. The blisters and constant outbreaks are itself enough of problem, but they also have to face the social stigma and the mental trauma of having herpes. Add to that, Antivirals prescribed by doctors, that do nothing except cost thousands of dollars every year and you are told you will have to take them all your life.

People with herpes have been long awaiting an effective herpes cure so that they can finally have normal life back. Till now, this wait has been fruitless. It has only given them disappointment. Some still have their faith intact, while other have lost it. For them, this constant disappointment turns into hopelessness. But it doesn’t end here. This hopelessness effects every aspect of their life. It simply kills the very essence of life. The onset of hopelessness in the mind gives rise to mountains of negativity which if not eradicated kills the basic theme of life – to enjoy it to the fullest.

But, your hopelessness is about to end today. And for those who have been persistently hopeful, your patience is going to be rewarded. Yes people, there is an effective way to get rid of your herpes problems forever. We have created it after 8 years of painstaking research, study and experimentation. During the initial couple of years we were also not getting any positive result from our work and hopelessness was slowing coming into our team. The energy levels started dropping, every bright prospect was turning into darkness. We knew it was tough to continue but we kept patience. We moved from regions to regions, plains to mountains, countries to countries in our quest. Things started to happen and leads turned into positive indications.  And here we are today with a bright smile hoping to give your face a bright smile too.

Therefore, folks no matter how tough times you are stuck into, don’t let hopelessness creep into your head. Take a deep breathe and keep moving forward every time you feel hopelessness is engulfing you. For a long time, People had no option but to be dependent on antivirals just to hide the blisters and the outbreaks. They had to take long prescriptions of these antivirals just to suppress the symptoms because there was simply no alternative available. These antivirals like acyclovir, valacyclovir, Valtrex and others did nothing apart from only partially suppressing the outbreaks. Such drugs were not just a pain on the wallet but a huge burden on the body of the patient because these heavy drugs caused severe side-effects. Kidney failure, liver cancer, liver failure, rapid hairfall, nausea and insomnia are just a few side-effects caused by the long term usage of these drugs. Also, for some people taking these antivirals had simply on effect on their outbreaks or blisters. Because there body had become resistant to these antivirals due to consumption over a long period of time. Still, people had to keep taking them in hopelessness because there was no other way visible to them.

But not now. There had been several attempts to find a better, natural system to herpes cure in last few years and we are glad to tell you that finally an effective natural treatment method for herpes has been created. This treatment method is totally natural and is going to eradicate your herpes sufferings forever. But before going into the details of this naturally evolved herpes treatment let us talk about something that has been getting a lots of pops these days.

There has been a lot of buzz these days about natural, organic way of living. Herbal and holistic approach is being appreciated and natural products are being used from diet to treatment. They have become really popular and where medical science has failed, they have prevailed. More and more people are embracing it and it is showing promising and positive results. But amidst, all this noise about natural, organic and holistic way of curing diseases, do you know that there is a complete medical science based on natural, herbal and holistic way of leading life. Do you know that this natural medical science has existed since pre-historic times? You might be surprised and appalled to know this, but it is 100% true.  This centuries old medical science focuses on eliminating the root cause of the problem unlike allopathy and modern western backed medical science that is all about take a pill and suppress the problem.  This classical medical science was the foremost to declare that for a healthy living good diet, proper exercise and rest are non-negotiable terms. This has become a universal fact now and no one can disregard this principle of life. It is the medical science that gave the world the gift of Yoga and many other basic health principles. If you are unable to figure out what I talking about, folks it is Ayurveda.

ayurveda for herpesAyurveda is not limited to being only a medical science or treating diseases. It is a way of living life that vies importance of prosperity and growth in all these dimension of life – mental, physical and spiritual. Ayurveda is as old as human civilization and had been practiced not only in south-west Asiatic countires but in Africa and other parts of the world as well. Most of the other  medical sciences, including TCM ( Tradition chinese medicine) , Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, ancient Roman medicine and others have been developed by people who studied Ayurveda and then on its principles evolved their own medical science best suited to their region and place.

Ayurveda is so outstanding that it is sad to see modern medical science not being able to take benefit out of it. Big pharma companines, dominating the modern medical science are too busy selling drugs and collecting profits  and they don’t want to see a natural system like Ayurveda flourishing and decreasing the dependence of general public on their pills. But with the evolution of internet and along with it information processing, Ayurveda is gaining reach and popularity among western nations. Till, 30 years ago, Big pharmas and their experts called Ayurveda pseudo medical science but when Ayurveda cured severe chronic health conditions like diabtes, hypertension, typhoid which were untreatable by modern medical science, they had no option but to accept it with folded hands.

Ayurveda is so mindblowing that you fall in love with it once you get deep into its waters. This is exactly what happened with us when on pursuit to herpes cure we encountered Ayurveda.

During our intial years of research when everything was falling and we were down it was Ayurveda that lit our faces. We heard about a certain research in Germany pertaining to Ayurveda and this is where it grabbed our eyeballs. We traced it’s root to India and we straightway went there. Only a few days into Ayurveda we started to get positive leads and found a lot of reference in Ayurveda related to STDs. We went to the major locations rich in Ayurvedic herbs like Himalayas, nilligiris and specimens like Hypericum mysorense, tulsi, neem showed good herpes fighting potential. We travelled place to place and shortlisted 30 odd herbs that showed good potential against herpes virus.

We finally had enough material and resources to create an effective herpes treatment program. We also looked for some modern research work on each of these individual herbs and found good inputs. We combined the wealth of Ayurveda with the validation of modern researches conducted to create an effective herpes treatment program that will finally give you relief from herpes forever. You can read more about our journey on the “Our Journey Page”. Once we had our combination of herbs ready we decided to test and the results were the final sign that our pursuit was complete. Out of 300 odd people who used our treatment 283 got rid of their herpes problems completely.

This treatment method has been created by incorporating only natural elements like plants, tree barks, roots e.t.c and that too in raw form. There is no processing or chemicals involved because we want people to get the very best of these herbs and herbs after processing loose their efficiency to a good extent. Therefore, we kept it 100% organic and natural.

This treatment has been named HerpoVeda by our team, as a tribute to Ayurveda and our way to express our love and gratitude to Ayurveda. When we were looking to create a herpes cure our goal was to create a treatment method that did the following tasks efficiently

  • Inhibit and unactivate the herpes virus
  • Detoxify the body of toxic antivirals and their side effects
  • Strengthen the immune system which has been weakened by herpes and other factors.

HerpoVeda has been formulated specially to meet all these 3 standards which are important for dealing with and destroying herpes. That is why we believe this treatment method is going to work great for herpes patients and help them get back to normalcy by saying goodbye to herpes.

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Let us have a look at the major constituents of HerpoVeda that make it so powerful.

Ficus Religiosa Or Peepal

pipalThis tree has divine quality of purifying air and envoirment. Ficus R. has strong antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It has got it’s name from it’s importance in India and Hindu’s religion. Hindus worship this tree and in Ayurveda it can be found given numerous references. In Egypt and African nations it has been found to be used to treat a variety  of diseases. The barks of peepal, as it is popularity known are very beneficial against hsv virus. In a latest research conducted by biologists and medical professionals, peepal bark extracts have shown strong herpes inhibition. The link to this research can be found on our site in research section. The special point of this research was that Peepal barks showed results even on those patients whose body had become acyclovir resistant. That is why Ficus R. or Peepal became a vital ingredient of our program.

Neem or Azadirachta Indica


Neem is a superpowerful medicinal plant with application in a variety of diseases from malaria to eczema to plague. It has been specially found beneficial in infections, skin problems and severe microbial complications. It’s leaves, barks and fruits all are very very beneficial in can be applied in a variety of ways for a number of diseases. You can look online for neem related research and you will be surprised to see the findings. There has been numerous researches in last few years on this Ayurvedic herb.

Neem is highly effective on herpes virus and also the blisters, sores and outbreaks. It can be taken orally or topically. It’s decoctions are highly effective. You can drink it and also apply it on the outbreaks. Both ways it is going to provide good results. In our research we found that Neem inhibited HSV 1 & HSV 2 virus from reproducing and made them dormant. In one research conducted in 2010 by Tiwari, darmani and shukla neem barks showed strong antiviral activity against hsv virus. It also blocked entery of the virus to new cells in body. So not only does it help people eradicate herpes, it also saves non-herpatic people from contracting herpes from partners. Not only bark extracts, but the leaves and fruits of this plants have also shown good inactivating and inhibition to hsv virus. You can find the link to the above mentioned and other researches on neem in our research section. Due to it’s variety of benefits against herpes, we have included neem as one of the most important ingredients for herpes cure.

Hypericum Mysorense

This is a herb found in Nillgiri Hills which has shown great results in researches conducted over last few years. Very few people know about this plant but it is highly effective specially against herpes. In a particular research in last decade, it has shown 100% successful inhibition of herpes virus. These researches and scientific studies and our own experience has been the reason Hypericum Mysorense is one of the main active constituents of this program, one without which this program would not have been that effective. If you are looking to cure your herpes problems forever this is the best combination of herbs till now. Let us see the next one now.

 Tulsi Or Holy Basil

Tulsi Or Holy Basil is the most revered plants along with Peepal in Ayurveda. It is also one of the most potent herbs according to Ayurveda and helps in a variety of diseases. It has important properties like antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial that make it a powerful remedy against STDs like Herpes. In researches conducted over herpes, Holy Basil has been found to be a strong virus inactivating agent. Apart from that some research concluded that Tulsi protects organ and tissues against chemical stress from toxic metals. It also controls physical stress due to physical exertion, ischemia and physical restraint. The power and usefulness of Tulsi is a testament to Ayurvedic wisdom and provides an example of ancient knowledge saving people from modern problems.

Mahamanjisthadi Qwath

mahamanjishtadi quath for herpes cureThis is not a herb or a medicinal plant. It is actually a classical Ayurvedic formulation of more than 20 odd herbs which together form a strong detoxifier and blood purifier. It has been used since ages in skin disorders, STDs like herpes, syphilis, e.t.c. This formulation of over 20 medicinal herbs contains the potency to deal with and destroy a variety of diseases. The prime objective of this formulation is to curb the infection inside the body & purify the body of toxic and unwanted elements. Mahamanjisthadi Qwath has been very successful in our experience and that of others who have tried it. It is a masterpiece of Ayurveda as it’s ingredients work together like an exceptional unit in destroying infections. Not only it works on the infection but it is also a strong immune booster and blood purifier. Due to these aspects we incorporated this powerful Ayurvedic formulation into our program.


Triphala for herpes cureTriphala is one of the most commonly known Ayurvedic formulations to the world. As common it is, so it is it’s benefits and applications. People mainly see Triphala as a digestive aid but they are not aware of the ultimate benefits of Triphala. Triphala is used in many health conditions and can be used in almost any chronic illness. Triphala is made of three ingredients that is why it is called Tri-phala or three fruits. The three fruits are :- Indian Goosebery, Baheda and Chebulic Myrobalan. These three have their own properties and usage but when combined together they form a powerful combination that has been used in Ayurveda since pre-historic times. The power of Triphala lies in it’s ingredients whom if you look carefully at are vital and have their own individual potency and value. There has been various researches on them both individually and also together as Triphala. Triphala has shown good antiviral effect on herpes virus and it’s main benefit has been of a Immunomodulatory agent. It balances the immune system and helps it to take on HSV Virus head on. Triphala is so much effective and diversely useful that there is a saying in TCM – “When in Doubt, Use Triphala”? We had to have it in HerpoVeda for it’s balancing action and multiple benefits.

Babul Or Vachellia Nilotica

babool for herpes cureBabul or Vachellia Nilotica is a thorny plant used in Ayurvedic & other cultures for STDs. Not only HSV, it has shown good results in fighting HIV Virus. In 2017, a study and research was conducted to explore the ethno medical use of V. Nilotica or Babul. It was concluded that it showed substantial action against HIV, HSV & HPV types of viruses. It was found to be especially useful against HSV -2 Virus and gave pretty good results even on patients who were acyclovir resistant. These researches are experiences of people have been instrumental in our inclusion of Babul in Herpoveda. It has been used against STDs, genital lesions and blisters since ages and modern researches like this have reinforced it’s usefulness. Babul barks are the vital elements that are used for medicinal purpose and we have used the same on our program.

Licorice Roots 

Licorice root for herpes cureThis one is not that primitive as compared to the ones mentioned before as some of you might already be aware of the benefits of Licorice Roots in herpes. Licorice Roots have shown promise against herpes and there has been numerous research in last 20 years proving it’s case. These research has concluded that Licorice Root on it’s own is a strong anti-herpatic agent. But in combination with other herbs mentioned here it’s action against herpes increases many folds.  Licorice root is a good virus inhibiting and inactivating agent. It is also a great immunomodulator and gives the immune system much needed boost. Licorice roots contains 20 triterpenoids and almost 300 flavoniods which enable it to destroy the herpes comfort zone in the body. It has proved it’s worth in our research and hence we included it in HerpoVeda.

Khair Or Acaeia Catechu

Khair or Acaeia is a plant renowned for it’s medicinal usages. It is extremely beneficial in skin problems, STDs and stomach related problems. According to Ayurveda, it has strong anti-microbial properties and brings balance to the digestive system of the body. It also a potent detoxifier and clear the blood and tissues of toxic chemicals. A recent research concluded that Acaeia Catechu inhibits and stops herpes virus from reproducing. It also prevents transmission from infected to non infected person. Khair has been included in HerpoVeda as a major ingredients due to it’s many benefits which are backed by modern research papers.


Lawsonia inermis or Mehandi

Mehandi for herpes cureThis particular herb is really popular but not as an anti-STD or anti-herpatic element. It is popular worldwide as a beautifying agent and used as a cosmetic item across the globe. It’s leaves are frequently found in cosmetic and beauty markets. But very few people of aware of it’s medicinal properties. The very reason it has been used since ages as a cosmetic product is because of it’s benefits for the skin. But there are other critical points about this herb. It has strong anti-herpatic and anti-std properties. Mehandi roots, leaves and flowers are beneficial in herpes, blisters and legions. It can be taken topically or orally in decoction form. Due to it’s herpes fighting property we incorporated it in HerpoVeda.

Giloy Or Tinospora cordifolia

giloy for herpesThe last on our list of major constituents of HerpoVeda is Giloy. Being last on the list doesn’t make it any less than any of the other herbs you heard about till now. Giloy is a special herb that can be used in a huge number of diseases. This is because according to Ayurveda it has the natural ability to balance the element that has been causing problem inside the body. If something is more that the desired level inside the body, Giloy brings it down to the appropriate level and similarly if something is lacking inside the body it makes up for it. Only Giloy has this ability and that is why it is used in hundreds of diseases. Due to it’s properties it is a great immune booster. Giloy is a creeper plant that feeds on the tree it grows on. According to Ayurveda, Giloy which grows on neem tree is the most beneficial. Giloy, being so potent and powerful, grabs herpes virus by it’s scuff and lays it to sleep. It gives the immune system the much needed boost. Also it brings back the hormonal balance inside the body which has been malfunctioning due to herpes and antivirals. Putting Giloy into our program gives HerpoVeda exceptional immune boosting ability.

After looking at the major constituents of HerpoVeda you must have understood why it is so powerful and effective. Overall, there are more than 35 herbs incorporated into HerpoVeda. This supreme combination of powerful herbs enables Herpoveda to fight and destroy herpes and give you relief from herpes problems permanently.

This treatment method not only fights herpes but also :-

  • Gives massive boost the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body and organs of toxic chemicals
  • Clears the side-effects of antivirals & drugs which have been used for long period of time
  • Improves overall health as the constituting herbs are health tonics which give strength to various vital organs including brain and heart.

HerpoVeda is 100% safe and effective. As mentioned before it is completely natural and there is no processing or chemicals involved. All the herbs have been collected from their natural and native location. And we don’t keep them for more than six months because after that they start to lose their effectiveness. Fresh herbs are brought in everytime we get an order so that people get the optimum benefit out of them.

You can order HerpoVeda from here right now. HerpoVeda is a 3 month program and it costs you 182$ only. Or you can say 2$/day. By spending 2$/day for few months you can relive yourself of everything that herpes and herpes medication have done to you.

Also we have 100 days refund policy. If after using HerpoVeda for 3 months you feel it has done no good to you, you can get the product cost refunded by sending us an email request. You can read about it more on our refund policy page.

The reason we gave emphasis not only to curing herpes but also to removing toxins and minimizing the side-effects of drugs like antivirals is because we know that side-effects give people more problems than herpes itself. Antivirals like acyclovir, Valtrex and others have been immensely prescribed since last three decades or so. This method of treatment has not only proved to be ineffective but also led to severe side effects like kidney failure, liver damage, insomnia, hairfall, e.t.c Men and women have lost their hair and become bald as a result of these drugs. People have suffered kidney failure for which they had to undergo expensive treatments like dialysis. Some have to get live transplant done before their liver was damaged by these drugs. Others might not have to undergo expensive treatment but they too had to deal with horrendous side-effects of these drugs.

That is why, from the word go we  were determined to create something that not only fights herpes but also alleviates the side-effects of the antivirals and other herpetic drugs. Our doctors and research professionals understood what exactly the people need and it was much more than just herpes eradication.

People have to spend thousands of dollars every year for the antivirals and what do they get in return – severe complications and side effects. But who cares? Big pharma corps are making billions selling these drugs every year. Why in their worst imagination will they want to recommend people natural and herbal way to get rid of herpes like neem barks or gilloy. They to some extent are aware of the benefits of these natural herbs but why would they want to end the big profits coming in from drugs like acyclovir.

But there are some great and self-less people also in modern medical science who work hard and research to ensure that better and effective treatments are available to people. They don’t have the resources or big money to get their work to reach to common public. But with the evolution of internet things are changing.

medical research on ayurvedaAfter Ayurveda, these medical researchers and professionals were the second most helpful agent for us. There researches enabled us to be confident and verify what we got from Ayurveda. Much of these researches is online now and you can look for them by doing a little bit of effort. We have mentioned some links here because we know they are not easily accessible to common people.

Our treatment is 100% safe and effective. It is completely natural and we have taken all the herbal agents directly from their native locations to ensure their 100% effectiveness. Whenever we need them, our team directly goes to their native locations to get them. Definitely it leads to transportation costs but we don’t want to dilute the quality of HerpoVeda.

For a disease like herpes, natural treatment is the only way forward, as you must have realized till now. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on antivirals, people should spend some bugs on herbs and natural products. Using antivirals only give horrific side-effects that you are very much aware of while using herbs not only helps you in the disease but also gives your body numerous other benefits.

Nature alone has the supreme power to cure all the problems inside our body. Our body itself is a natural system. It is a exceptional creation of nature in itself and most of the times it tries to counter any unwanted agent inside it by itself. But due to toxic modern life and unhealthiness when this natural system is weakened and disrupted only nature has the capacity to bring it back to normalcy.

Apart from numerous benefits of using natural agents like herbs and plants the most relevant point is that they contain no side-effects. They are not going to burn your liver and certainly not destroy your kidney unlike those expensive drugs.

HerpoVeda is the most powerful & effective natural treatment created till date against herpes. There is no treatment program yet with same potency of HerpoVeda but we expect more such natural treatment program to be created with our inputs and various researches coming in pertaining to benefits of natural agents.

HerpoVeda has been formulated to help people who have suffered first at the hand of herpes and then with drugs like antivirals. Our research is still going on and we are improving it every now and then. We have tried to keep the costs as low as possible.

You need to take HerpoVeda for at least 3 month regularly to get good benefits out if it. The cost of this 3 month treatment program is 182$ only. By spending 2$/day for 3 months you can rejuvenate your body and eradicate all your sufferings. Make sure that you mention the details correctly so that HerpoVeda can be shipped to your mentioned address.

The weight of the kit would be around 3kg. The HerpoVeda kit that you will receive is fresh and none of the components are more than 3 weeks old. This is because most of the items are collected after we receive your order so that you get optimum benefits. That is why it takes us around 15 days to ship your product after receiving your order. We also advise you to use the kit in the mentioned timeframe so as to get the maximum benefits out if it.

We would like to let you know that HerpoVeda is for people who want to cure their herpes naturally. People who are ready to make the efforts that can help them become herpes free and healthy. Herpoveda is not for people who are lazy and don’t want to make any effort but just swallow a pill. HerpoVeda will need efforts from you. You need to follow the instructions given with the package you will get. It will require 20 mins everyday for 3 months. If you are not ready to do that, then HerpoVeda is not for you, so don’t waste your money ordering it.

However, if you miss it once in a week or fortnight it will not have much effect on it’s effectiveness. Still we advise you to take it regularly and consistently for great results. Although the treatment program is for 3 months we send you extra material for couple of weeks so that you can enjoy more benefits out of HerpoVeda.

As mentioned before HerpoVeda has been prepared with the help of Ayurveda and modern research. Ayurveda is getting popular in USA & world wide rapidly day by day. People mostly know it as natural science. Due to it’s effectiveness and purity more and more people are getting drawn towards it. We discovered the wealth and power of Ayurveda firsthand when we encountered it on our pursuit to a herpes cure. Ayurveda gave us the hope that indeed there are natural elements with that can cure herpes. We went deep into Ayurvedic texts and visited locations native to various Ayurvedic herbs. We created a list of around 50 herbs that showed promise against herpes. Our doctors studied each of the herb and it’s properties individually and then in combination of these herbs. We also took help of modern research on these herbs which gave us solid evidence to prepare a strong treatment against herpes. People who have taken Herpoveda have shown remarkable turnaround in not only there herpetic problems but also in general. We hope that our long hardwork in creating HerpoVeda helps you as well like others.

People no longer are going to have to be hopeless about life after herpes. They have something now that is effective, natural and research backed. HerpoVeda is the best herpes treatment program till date and when use it the way it is supposed to you will also see its power firsthand.

The credit of HerpoVeda goes to Ayurveda and we can’t express enough gratitude to this natural science for it’s help. That why we have named this program HerpoVeda as a tribute to Ayurveda.

Let us allow nature to heal us. In this age, when health is being compromised by so many factors, we need to self-educate ourselves so that we can avoid unnecessary sufferings and health problems. Let us move towards nature, towards originality and towards what we really are and supposed to be.

Thank you for spending your time over here and we hope this is gonna help in many ways to rectify your health. Also, if you want to talk to our doctors, you can drop us an email.

Thank you.