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If you think oral herpes and genital herpes is all that is caused by the two different types of herpes viruses, think again. There are almost 100 known variants of herpes viruses. Don’t get sacred as not all can infect human beings. Out of the 100 herpes viruses available, luckily or unluckily eight infect humans. Although compared to 100, eight is just a small number, but, looking at it rationally, the two most common viruses are more than enough to cause much destruction. Yes, the world is going mad at oral and genital herpes and scientists also are working hard […]

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Herpes simplex virus has a reach from brain to all other body parts once it is allowed to enter inside. It can devastate you overall health, make you feel sick all the time by attacking your peace of mind and can destroy your confidence. All this looks dangerous, but what is even more painful are the cold sores. You might be familiar with the annoying cold sores that come out of nowhere and make your skin look ugly. Yes, they are small spots on the skin and the problems listed above seem to be more difficult tackle, right? No, cold […]

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Herpes Cure Research- How Far Have We Come?


Herpes Cure Research – Have We Found the Ultimate Cure for Herpes? You are here because you surely want something more promising, healthy and effective than antiviral drugs for herpes, right? Herpes is one of the most researched fields, but it is a harsh truth that no substantial outcomes are seen in the cure for this infection. Today, we will see where we are heading with herpes cure research and how far we have come with so many efforts. With the alarmingly increasing number of herpes patients, this has become a matter of concern, but is speeding up the research […]

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Ayurveda and herpes – This Ancient Medical Science Can Treat This Modern Problem

ayurveda and herpes

Ayurveda and Herpes – What Does the Combination Say? How can an ancient science like Ayurveda and herpes have a relation? How can Ayurveda cure herpes when no allopathic drug has this capability till date? And there are many more questions coming to the minds of herpes patients who haven’t yet heard of Ayurveda much. Those who know Ayurveda, or have used it somehow might have clarity about the power, effectiveness, and magical healing of Ayurveda. But if you are new to the science of life, we understand that all sorts of questions might be rising in your mind. At […]

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Get Rid of Cold Sores with Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapies

get rid of cold sores with Ayurveda

It’s High Time to Get Rid of Cold Sores – Ayurveda for Herpes Ayurveda has a solution to the most dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes, but can it cure herpes cold sores also? In reality, herpes and cold sores are only a sexually transmitted infection and in most of the cases it is not life-threatening. Then why are we comparing it with the deadly diseases? What actually herpes is and how should we deal with it to live a perfectly normal life? These are some of the questions that even herpes patients cannot answer. Let us try to understand […]

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Herpes Simplex – Why Natural Herpes Treatment is The Only Way Out ?

natural herpes treatment

Why is Natural Herpes Treatment the Best Way to Deal with Herpes? If you have been struggling with herpes for a long time now, you might have realized that antiviral medicines aren’t at all what can save millions of lives, right? In case you have been recently diagnosed with the nasty herpes simplex virus, you might have a bit of hope with them, but this will also vanish once I tell you about the inseparable side effects of antiviral drugs and all other allopathic medicines. For once, we can ignore all other allopathic medicines because we need them once in […]

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Herpes Treatment – Why antivirals are not your best option for herpes treatment


Are Antivirals really the best option for Herpes Treatment – See the Reality. Are you taking help from antivirals for combating herpes outbreaks? Have ever thought about how much beneficial antivirals are for you? If there is no problem in taking antiviral drugs for herpes treatment, why should a herpes patient wait for the herpes outbreak to hit them instead of taking an antiviral every day to suppress the herpes outbreaks? If you haven’t taken this issue seriously, it is high time you start thinking about it because it is related to your health. Not only herpes infection, but the antivirals […]

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Herpes Outbreaks – How to Get Rid of Herpes Outbreaks Naturally ?


Can Antivirals Help You to Get Rid of Herpes? See the Answer.. Tired of taking the heavy and harmful antiviral medicines every other day? Want to live a life that has no space for herpes outbreaks? You are here means you definitely need something stronger and promising for herpes than just symptom altering drugs, right? Yes, that’s unfortunate, but true that the antiviral drugs that you are taking don’t actually cure the problem but only make you feel good for a short period of time. Yes, they are not going to assist you to get rid of herpes. In addition […]

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Acyclovir not Working – Don’t Worry; There Are Natural Herpes Cure Options

natural herpes cure options

Is Acyclovir Really Working? Time to Follow Some Natural Herpes Cure Options Herpes has become another word for embarrassment, shame and hopelessness over time. If you too are suffering from any type of herpes, you might relate to these emotions quite well. If you have been recently diagnosed with the infection, it is likely that you are worried and stressed, but if this virus has been within you for a long time now, apart from all other negative feelings, hopelessness is the most difficult to tackle. A newly diagnosed patient has some faith in the antiviral medicines given by his […]

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Herpes Will No More Be a Dread for You If You Use Mehendi for Herpes

mehendi for herpes

Mehendi for Herpes – Have You Heard About this Earlier? In India, a wide variety of herbs are used for several common purposes and the same herbs are now moving to the pharma industry because of the recent researches finding them highly beneficial for health. Mehendi also is one of them. It is not used in kitchen, but as a cosmetic product and hair dye. This is what you also know about mehendi if you have ever used the product, right? I know it might be surprising to believe at first sight, but many people are these days getting benefited […]

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