Get Rid of Cold Sores with Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapies

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get rid of cold sores with Ayurveda

It’s High Time to Get Rid of Cold Sores – Ayurveda for Herpes

Ayurveda has a solution to the most dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes, but can it cure herpes cold sores also? In reality, herpes and cold sores are only a sexually transmitted infection and in most of the cases it is not life-threatening. Then why are we comparing it with the deadly diseases? What actually herpes is and how should we deal with it to live a perfectly normal life? These are some of the questions that even herpes patients cannot answer. Let us try to understand the infection in a completely scientific manner and its cure with an ancient science- Ayurveda. Ayurveda has the potential to heal humans holistically and the entire world today is acknowledging its natural healing power. Fed up with the ill effects of antiviral drugs, herpes patients too were searching for a complete and permanent cure like Ayurveda. Finally, scientists have found a way to help us get rid of cold sores with Ayurveda and herpes patients have a ray of hope now. Here, we will try to analyze this ray of hope by critically evaluating the benefits of some ayurvedic treatment for herpes and ayurvedic therapies for cold sores treatment.

how to get rid of cold sores with Ayurveda

Cold sores are the most annoying, painful and nasty symptoms of herpes. They are probably the symptom that no one would ever want to bear again after the first encounter. Cold sores are the most irritating symptoms of herpes, not only because they are painful, but also because they are impossible to hide. Also, you can have a fever due to many reasons, you can have fatigue due to overwork, but when it is a cold sore, it is clear that you have herpes. And if we talk about a sore on the tongue, topical ointments and salves are of no use. Therefore, the only choice you are left with is painkillers together with oral antiviral medication. And I don’t think there is a need to remind you of the side effects of allopathic medicines. Topical ointments used for cold sores are also not an exception and your skin suffers a lot because of regular use of ointments loaded with chemicals.

So, there is a need of creating a new choice that is healthy in nature and cruel for the cold sores and herpes, right? Yes, an ideal treatment for herpes would do no harm to your body, but will not leave cold sores on your skin. And that kind of treatment can be found in Ayurveda and ayurvedic therapies for cold sores. You might not be aware of this, but Ayurveda in cold sores works as it does in most of the other diseases. Let us see a few medicines which are used in ayurvedic therapies for cold sores by many ayurvedic practitioners.

giloy for herpes

Giloy Satva: Giloy has gained the reputation in the recent past and its unbelievable medicinal properties are surprising even scientists. We all know what giloy is, but it is believed that when it is grown on a neem tree, the medicinal properties of the neem tree are also inherited by the herb. Giloy satva indeed is comparable to elixir or amrit and this is only because of its healing properties, health enhancing abilities and side-effects free nature. As far as herpes and cold sores are concerned, we can take help from giloy satva. Giloy is a herb that was famous for its strong antipyretic action. Since giloy satva contains the goodness of giloy, you can expect the same from giloy satva too and fever will no more trouble you during the herpes outbreak. Apart from this, you can avoid the cold sores as well from occurring in the future because of the magical action of giloy satva on the immune system. It can make your immune system so strong that herpes simplex virus will not be able to replicate again and with this, you can easily live a life without any herpes outbreaks. All this make giloy satva a necessary component of ayurvedic therapies for cold sores.

Mahatiktakam Kwath: You can use Ayurveda in cold sores and also for herpes outbreaks, but for this, you will have to go through one or the other ayurvedic treatment for herpes. This treatment will have some extremely powerful ayurvedic medicines disabling the herpes simplex virus permanently. Mahatiktakam Kwath is the perfect solution for non-healing wounds and skin disorders of pitta origin. It is recommended by many Ayurvedic practitioners in a variety of skin problems, but there are ayurvedic references of its effectiveness in cold sores too. Yes, Ayurveda in cold sores has described it as a solution to cold sores, itching, burning sensation due to cold sores and all other troubling symptoms too. But as we said, it is not the only medicine that is helpful in cold sores, you should also see some other gems that together form the ayurvedic therapies for cold sores.

triphala for herpes

Triphla churna: Triphala churna is a mixture of amla, haritaki and Bibhitaki. Apart from the medicinal properties of Triphala for herpes listed above, this ayurvedic formula may promote proper digestion and absorption of food, reduce serum cholesterol levels, improve circulation, relax bile ducts, prevent immunosenescence, maintain homeostasis of the endocrine system, and increase production of red blood cells also. Leaving these aside, I am glad to tell that you can use triphala for cold sores too. Triphala has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicines as an antimicrobial agent and triphala for herpes also acts as an enemy to the herpes virus. In addition to this, it is also an anti-inflammatory agent that makes it a potential solution for the pain, itching and other skin issues in herpes. Using Triphala as a part of Ayurvedic therapies for cold sores is easy enough. Triphala powder can be made into the paste by adding a pinch of the powder to a teaspoon of water. It is then applied over the cold sores and genital sores and kept on the skin for a few minutes to dry before washing it off.

Mahamanjisthadi Kwath: Mahamanjishthadi kwath is yet another ayurvedic medicine which is a part of the ayurvedic treatment for herpes. It is one of the best possible solutions for cold sores because it is very famous for promoting the wound healing process and repairing the infected and damaged skin cells faster. So, even if cold sores appear on your skin, with the regular use of Ayurveda in herpes, you will no more be forced to bear it for a longer period of time. Mahamanjishthadi kwath is known for its blood purifying effect also. It cleanses the blood, cures inflammations and brings the glow to the skin. Only a few people use it for the prevention of infections and skin ailments, but it is excellent at it. Apart from cold sores, acute to mild fever is also very common in herpes outbreaks. Your body temperature will be very high during the primary outbreak, but even in the subsequent outbreaks, you will suffer from a fever of some level. This too can be taken care of by mahamanjisthadi kwath. Some Ayurvedic practitioners believe that this ayurvedic medicine alone makes one of the best ayurvedic therapies for cold sores.


The population changes with boundaries of a country, race, people and color change, but herpes remains the same. Herpes simplex virus is bothering mankind since centuries now, and it has no discriminations of age, color, gender etc. Talking about United States, every one in five people are suffering from some type of herpes today and millions of dollars are being spent on the treatment too. And in all other countries too, the condition is pretty same. The rate at which herpes simplex virus is getting hold of new human body everyday is astonishing. And here the only source of relief is ayurveda and ayurvedic therapies.

We have different classes of herpes patients, a sexually active group of those suffering from genital herpes, and the other ones who have oral herpes. You are always told about these two, but there is one more category. Those who have the herpes virus in their bodies, but due to mild or no symptoms of herpes die without knowing that they had it. Now you must be thinking how lucky these people are. But have you ever thought what makes this happen? Why someone like you have many outbreaks per year while many other herpes patients are living a symptom-free life for many years now? This is the point that can change your life. The answer is immunity, a simple answer but difficult to achieve.

improve immunity

You might be aware of the role of immunity in preventing diseases and keeping your body healthy. But for a herpes patient, immunity is the determining factor based on which the intensity and frequency of herpes outbreaks will be decided. So, the only way out is to raise your immunity and here too Ayurveda can help. By using some simple ayurvedic medicines and formulations, one can easily have a higher immunity and live a life free of herpes outbreaks. So, in all the ways, you can conquer over herpes cold sores as well as other symptoms of herpes using Ayurveda and some highly beneficial ayurvedic therapies. Let the magic of Ayurveda make your life better than the way it was before you were infected with herpes by using ayurvedic treatment for herpes.

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